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Our recent test results at Key Stage 2

While 2018 results are yet to be confirmed by the DfE, a summary of the provisional results can be found here.

Our 2017 KS2 results put us easily in the top 2% of schools for progress across Key Stage 2.  The Minister of State for Schools wrote to us to congratulate us on these results and you can see the letter here.  

Pupils who leave Pensford to go on to secondary school have gone with good results for a long time, but in the last two years our pupils have really started to excel.  In 2016 the Year 6 cohort achieved attainment that was well above national averages in all their tests.  This put us 8th in the league table of schools for B&NES, as published in the Times newspaper.   In 2017 the success was at an even higher level. While attainment across reading, writing and maths both increased and continued to be above national average, the progress scores easily put us in the top 5% of schools across the country for writing and maths and the top 10% for reading.

You can see the full provisional results below and find a bit more information about primary school results on the DfE Performance Tables website.

2017 Key Stage 2 Results (PROGRESS) Reading

Writing (Teacher Assessed)

Progress score at Pensford +4.3 +5.9 +5.5

Progress score for top 5% of schools nationally


+4.4 and above +3.8 and above +4.4 and above

Average progress score nationally

0.0 0.0 0.0
2017 Key Stage 2 Results (ATTAINMENT) Reading Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Maths Writing (Teacher Assessed) Reading, Writing and Maths combined
% of pupils achieving at least the expected standard at Pensford 82% 73% 82% 82% 64%

% of pupils achieving at least the expected standard nationally.

71% 77% 75% 76% 61%









2017 Key Stage 2 Results (SCALED SCORES and HIGH SCORES) Reading Writing Maths
Average scaled score at Pensford. 104 105 105
Average scaled score nationally. 104 N/A 104
% of pupils who achieved a 'high score' or 'greater depth' judgement at Pensford. 9% 27% 27%
% of pupils who achieved a 'high score' or 'greater depth' judgement nationally. 25% 18% 23%