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Our recent test results at Key Stage 2

In 2015/16 the Department for Education (DfE) introduced significant changes to the ways in which pupils are assessed as they leave primary school.  As a result of these changes, national average percentages for key indicators of achievement were significantly lower in 2016 than for the indicators used prior to that.

However, Pensford's provisional 2016 attainment results are very pleasing.  Whereas in 2015 the school results were generally lower than the national averages, the 2016 results are higher across the board.  Congratulations to all the pupils, parents and staff whose hard work and dedication led to this success!

You can find more information about the school's results on the DfE Performance Tables website.

2015/16 Key Stage 2 Results (provisional) Reading Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Maths Writing (Teacher Assessed) Reading, Writing and Maths combined
% of pupils achieving the expected standard at Pensford 75% 88% 75% 88% 75%

% of pupils achieving the expected standard nationally.

66% 72% 70% 74% 53%








Our progress measures, the scaled scores and the figures for particularly high attainment relating to the Summer 2016 results are less impressive.  This is why accelerating progress in the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics are central to our development plan for 2016.  Reading is a particular focus for us, and the figures below help to explain why:  

2015/16 Key Stage 2 Results (provisional) Reading PROGRESS




(Teacher Assessed)

Average progress score at Pensford -5.3 -1.9 -4.1

Average progress score nationally.

0.0 0.0 0.0
2015/16 Key Stage 2 Results (provisional) Reading Writing Maths
Average scaled score at Pensford. 101 107 102
Average scaled score nationally. 103 N/A 103
% of pupils who achieved a 'high score' or 'greater depth' judgement at Pensford. 13% 13% 13%
% of pupils who achieved a 'high score' or 'greater depth' judgement nationally. 19% 15% 17%