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Duckling 🐥  Class

Teacher: Naomi Rawlinson

TA: Sasha Perrett

Term 1: PE days are Wednesdays. PE kit to be worn to school.  

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Welcome to the Duckling Class page. 

Eating apples from our garden

We are the Reception Class for Pensford Primary School and can accommodate up to 15 children within our classroom.  

Week 6

To explore our senses we have made a sensory tough tray this week, whereby the children can scoop with spoons, make noisey rattles, and choose various colourful beads and sparkles for decoration.

The children have also been exploring our playground to work out just what new toys they can make with the different resources outside.  (If you think you have some resources for our playgrounds (planks of wood; wheels; rope; pebbles etc - we would be happy to receive it.)

Playground resources  Sensory tough tray

Making a roller from playground resources.     Our sensory tough tray.

Week 5

Well you may have noticed some children coming home smelling of toothpaste (and covered in it).  What started out as an experiment, 'Can you paint with toothpaste?', turned into a huge painting project!  We love following the children's interests and they were certainly interested in finding out the answer to this question.

And if you didn't know - the answer was yes!

Toothpaste Painting  Lexon adding to the rainbow

Our toothpaste painting.                           Lexon adding to the rainbow made from collected items.

Week 4

We have continued with our Healthy Me theme this week and focused on teethbrushing and drinking water. All the children in our class know that drinking water is important and they’ve all made an effort to drink regularly throughout the day.  The children all contributed to a discussion about tooth decay and how regularly we should brush our teeth.  We have been given some teeth cleaning packs that include toothpaste and a toothbrush and these have all been sent home.

We have changed our tough tray resources to include lots of blank faces for the children to create with media of their choice.  They’ve had lots of fun making funny faces.

 Rose Harriet and Molly making craft faces

Week 3

We've had lots of fun this week - the children have been making animal houses with cardboard, and creating food from around the world in the craft area.  

   Spaghetti and Meatballs

Pic:  Molly, Rose and Bea making spaghetti meatballs.

Story books and reading books were sent home this week: books will be changed on either a Monday or Tuesday.  The children have also started learning their phonics - we have started with the sounds 'm' 'a' 's'.  If you would like to support the learning at home please encourage them to practice writing these sounds on the sheets we send home and in their homework books, and ensure the children are saying the sounds correctly e.g. 'ssssss' not 'suh', and 'mmmm' not 'muh'.  If you are not sure on how to support your child's reading and writing at home, please just pop in for a chat.  

Our Stars of the Week this week were Freddie and Henry A.  Mr Barton gave the Head Teacher Award to Matthew. 

Week 2

This week the children will have brought home a 'Homework Book'.  Please don't worry - we are not expecting them (or you) to write essays.  The activities* include questions like, 'What different numbers do you see around your house?' and encouraging early phonics games such as I Spy.  Please bring the books into school on a Thursday, in your child's book bag, so that we can respond to their efforts and encourage their interest in learning. All homework receives a dojo in the form of a smiley face.

Next week we will start to send home story books for you to read to your child at home.  The children will choose these themselves and you may find they want you to read the same story again and again and again.  This is perfectly normal and great for their development: children learn through repetition.  So whilst you may be up to your eyes with poisonous warts and owl ice cream, please persevere as it will be having a positive impact.  

*(Please click on the Purple Bar above to see the homework for this term.)


Pic 1. Dilly and Rose in the Mud Kitchen.            


Lexon and Dilly are Stars of the Week.                  Poppy had the Head Teacher Certificate.

Week 1

To say we have had an amazing first week would be an understatement.  Our class of 14 new children have settled into the new routines better than anyone could have predicted.  Parents will have already seen numerous dojo points being uploaded to their child's accounts for so many good reasons; making people happy; respectful behaviour; working together.

The children have spent a lot of time with their Year 6 buddies and are very confident around the school.  From next week parents will drop the children at the classroom door and allow the children to independently come into the classroom. We normally don't try this until Week 3 or 4 but as this group of children are showing such confidence already we are following their lead and moving at their pace.


Mr Barton came into the class to give out the first Duckling Certificates of the Year.

Jenson received the Head Teacher Award.  Henry C and Poppy were Stars of the Week.


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