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Dragonfly Class

Teacher - Naomi Rawlinson      HLTA - Jo Cowin

*Please remember PE days: ALL CHILDREN - Tuesday and Wednesday* 

AS PER OUR NEW PE POLICY - CHILDREN ARE TO WEAR PE KITS AND BLACK TRAINERS TO SCHOOL ON THESE DAYS There is therefore no need to bring in PE bags to school unless your child has a club after school or may require a spare set of clothes

TERMS 5 & 6

We are looking forward to some adventurous weeks ahead whilst we consider the question 'Where have all the dragons gone?'

This is a topic that encourages the children to distinguish between truth and fantasy, non-fiction and fiction.  We hope that the children will consider the lives and stories of both real and mythological characters. 

Miss Cowin changed our role-play area into a castle for the Reception children, whilst the Key Stage 1 children loved our first text - Tell Me a Dragon! 

Term 5 saw us creating a dragon habitat and thinking about a link to castles and knights.

In Term 6 we shall be focusing on Fire and Water Dragons.  We will think about the water cycle and make a water cycle in a bag, as well as actually making fire in our hands at Forest School - how exciting!

And let's not forget our trip to Bristol Zoo - will there be any dragons to spot there?

**We also have visits from the pre-school children who will be starting with us later in the year.  This will be their opportunity to both spend time in our class and meet their new buddies.  We can't wait to meet them.**

For more information on what we will cover these terms - please see our Medium Term Plan for Terms 5 and 6. 


So Term 4 was as colourful and magical as we hoped.  As if to prove this the Reception children decided to build a nest for unicorns.  They thought about what a unicorn might need including food, water and somewhere to sleep.  The entire activity was led by the children but we confess, the staff had so much fun with this that we were happy for the activity to run and run! 

Our topic title was Pop, Pop, Pop?  We explored a number of creative avenues including Pop Art, dance, singing, poetry and music.  We concluded the topic with an Assembly for the parents and carers of the Dragonfly children.  The children took charge and produced some wonderful pieces.  Our Year 2 boys recited poetry, our Year 1 children acted out stories they had composed and recreated mirror-work they had choreographed in PE sessions.  Some children also explained how we had been using Pop Art designs to decorate hats.  The Reception children showed off their reading and writing skills by reading words and performing large dance movements to write the words in the air.  To finish, the entire class sang The Gruffalo Song that they had been learning this term.  It really showed off the range of media we had explored throughout the topic.

We also had 2 class trips this term.  The first was purely for the Reception Children when they visited the Hidden Valley Forest School.  It was a rainy day but the children were prepared in their waterproofs and wellies and they had great fun looking at different states of life (new buds, growing plants, dead things!!).

Key Stage 1 children had an exciting trip to the Apple Store at Cabot Circus.  As this fell on Red Nose Day the staff there ensured our activities incorporated a little Red Nose fun.  The children drew Red Nose Monsters on iPads, which they then transported into an animation app.  All the children were given a t-shirt from the store and we have some USB bracelets to give out soon. 

We have left up the Term 4 termly overview to remind you what we were learning about in the classroom and beyond.

As well as testing our KS1 children on their spellings, we also introduced a Times Table challenge for the children to try every Thursday.  Please see the attached guide to see which Times Tables to focus on (all children in the school begin on Iron certificate and can work towards the Champion Test).

During Road Safety week, following a lesson on road safety, Reception children enjoyed a 'walking trip' to Hidden Valley Forest School.  

Scooter Club has also proved popular.  This was a great outcome from our Road Safety Week too!


Term 3 was exciting as we hoped and our topic 'How do we get to Wonderland?' produced some great questioning opportunities.  The focus in KS1 was transport and involved the children used their skills to design, make and evaluate Mr Gumpy's car.  Whilst some of these may have looked like mere egg-boxes covered in clear plastic fruit punnets, these vehicles had been designed to think about being weather-proof, light-weight and comfortable for a number of passengers! 

Our EYFS children designed a fantastic Wonderland with tunnels, colourful gems and an exciting castle backdrop.  The children have enjoyed making vehicles with stickle bricks and creating some amazing artwork by running car-tyres through paint.  This is being displayed in the classroom right now!

Key Stage 1 children had the opportunity to visit the nearby Hidden Valley Forest School.  They made cars out of carrots, and moved Anna across the outside classroom using just a flat board and 5 small logs - amazing! 

Our Road Safety lesson also went well, with the children learning the Green Cross Code as well as passenger safety tips for when inside a vehicle. 

You can see our new-style topic plan for Term 3 here.


So the question we asked this term was, 'Help, where am I?' It involved us using a time machine to jump to different places and different dates.  Our main focus was the Great Fire of London, 350 years ago.  The children loved the topic and produced some lovely work.  There were recounts and diaries, as well as a great display of the cramped Tudor Houses made out of cereal boxes.

The children also jumped through the seasons through the eyes of famous painters, you may have seen some of our recreations in the classroom and in the hall. 

*We have used the money from Term 1 fundraising to buy cardboard and craft resources from Scrapstore, and small brooms so the children can participate in taking pride in our outside area.*


Our Term 1 topic was 'Whose Party Is It?' with a Celebration of 100 Years of Food in Dragonfly Class. 

For our celebration the children cooked and made dishes they had previously made throughout the term.  They also designed and made a recipe book to explain how to recreate the food at home. The children had tokens to spend, (although the grown-ups who attended were asked to 'buy it to try it'). 

We are pleased to announce that our celebration festival raised £42 for Dragonfly Class: this includes a generous donation from Pensford Post Office, who reimbursed the money we spent there when shopping for our ingredients.

Another big thank you to Mrs Patel who visited the class to talk to the children about Diwali.  The children were able to try Diwali sweets and make Rangoli Patterns with colourful rice. 

*We are currently trying to update our Early Years playground.  Ideally we would like to ensure our outside resources are inviting and provide opportunities to apply maths and literacy knowledge alongside imaginative, creative and physical play.  If you have any ideas or would like to be involved please just come and register your interest.*

To view our long term curriculum planning, please click here.

To see this term's homework grid - Term 5/6 homework - (The first to rows of the grid are aimed at Reception children but any child can choose any homework challenge)

To see this term's spellings - Y1 Term 6 spellings / Y2 Term 6 Spellings - please check which list your child should be using.  YR do not have spellings.

To see a copy of class letter  -  (ask in class, details of visits and visitors mean we can not upload this term's)