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Dragonfly Class

Teacher - Naomi Rawlinson      HLTA - Jo Cowin (Mon/ Tues - am)

TA/ Direct Support - Sasha Perret 

*Please remember PE day: ALL CHILDREN - Tuesday

AS PER OUR PE POLICY - CHILDREN ARE TO WEAR PE KITS AND BLACK TRAINERS TO SCHOOL ON THESE DAYS There is therefore no need to bring in PE bags to school unless your child has a club after school or may require a spare set of clothes

TERM 5/6

This topic lasts for two terms.  'Do I need sunscreen?' is a question that links two focuses - the weather and the history of the British seaside.  Will we see the need for sunscreen by the end of the topic?

Term 6

There are no spellings in our first week back owing to Year 1 preparing for their Phonics Screening Tests.

Week 1 - This week we visited Saltford Primary School to perform our singing as part of the 'Sing as One' event.  You can see two videos of our performance here:

Sing as One 1 from Pensford Primary on Vimeo.

(Just a note - when you see me walking away and putting my hands out - it was to signify to the children that they were doing brilliantly and didn't need me!  Proud beyond words!)

Term 5

Week 6  This has been a very different week for all the children!  Year 2 children have worked amazingly hard in their SATs, (we are very proud of not only how much effort they put in, but also the enthusiasm they showed whilst doing so).  YR and Y1 children have shown great support in this by coping extremely well with changes to timetables and still retaining a great attitude to their work - well done to all of Dragonfly.

To celebrate our amazing children, and to coincide with a certain wedding that was to take place at the weekend - we had a lovely party in our garden on Friday afternoon.  See if you can spot any famous guests!

Meg and Harry  George  Party food  Queen  Cards

Weeks 3-5.  Sorry for the delay in the update - these past few weeks have flown by.  Maybe we've been enjoying the sun too much!  We've spent a lot of time thinking about our School Value 'Excellence' and have made an 'egg-cellent' basket!  Every time the children gain an excellence dojo (worth two points) they get to put an egg in the basket.  If the whole class gets 250 eggs by the end of term - they will get a surprise!

We've also had duck eggs incubating in the class for the 4 weeks, and we have planted peas and sunflowers.  This week both have reached milestones!  The duck eggs have hatched (8 fluffy fumbling ducklings) and the plants have been moved into the garden (by the children).  We just love spring time!!

 The girls with the egg cellent eggs    Ducklings in the incubator

Egg-cellent Eggs!                                                   Egg-cellent ducklings!

Planting sunflowers    Alfie planting his sunflower

Nanny Maureen and the gardeners                         Planting the sunflowers

Week 2 - Wow, what a lovely week to be thinking about the weather!  As the temperatures have risen we have made the most of being outside.  We have reopened the mud-kitchen, cleared the flower beds, and sewn our wild flower seeds.  The Reception children also went to a dance event at Chew Valley - they enjoyed themselves immensely and as always, we were very proud of their behaviour and how they represent our school. 

Here we are making the most of the lovely weather.

Our Playground

We are using our water trays and have set up our mud kitchen!

Week 1 - The children were a little confused when they started their week, lying on the carpet - dreaming about the seaside when suddenly, they were pelted with paper balls by the teachers.  However this is how we started our topic and the children were then shown a news report about a hail storm in Siberia 2014 that involved golf-ball sized hail falling on sunbathers enjoying a beautiful day.  We are looking forward to some great writing that will hopefully make their experience worthwhile!


Week 5 - We had such a wild and wonderful week it's hard to know where to start, but highlights included our class assembly on Thursday followed by a trip to Wildthings Farm.  For our assembly the KS1 children gave a brief description of some of things we have covered this term before retelling The Sound Collector poem word-perfectly.  The YR children began the assembly by showing off the Easter Crowns they had made before finishing the show with a wonderful pattern dance to Banana Banana Meatball!  

At Wildthings Farm the children worked in groups to orienteer about the farmland, taking part in various activities along the way such as making cairns, and finding local materials to make arrows showing compass directions.  The children had an amazing time and learnt such a lot in a short space of time - just look at some of the pictures we took!

Wild Things Farm

Wild things Farm  Wild Things Farm

Week 4 - Our gardening gloves arrived so the class spent Friday afternoon tidying up the garden.  We have started by pulling out lots of weeds and dead foliage.  The Reception children also spent time playing in the water area which led to a discussion about places that water can be found.  

The Key Stage 1 children used the ipads to search for local places on a map navigation app, demonstrating a good understanding of how to use such software as well as the ability to spot geographical features.

Weeks 2 & 3 - We have combined these weeks owing to the disruption with the 'snow days'.  Just before the snow days, EYFS managed to make some lovely carrier bag kits - they raced around the playground with these and it was nice to have enough wind to ensure everyone's took off well.  Year 2 also managed to get out and about the Gym Festival at Chew Valley.  The report back on how much our children participated and how well they behaved was as complimentary as it usually is - excellent!

The following week KS1 got back into science mode and made our paper helicopters - these are an essential part of our 'fair test' we will be trying next week.  Reception children have been thinking about symmetry in nature and have used mirrors with pictures of butterflies to help understand how it works.

Not forgetting that all the children went to Forest School on the Monday, and we all did a school 'litter pick' on Friday whilst we thought about our value Respect in a new way - Respecting the Earth!  What a busy week!

Litter pick

Busy tidying our playground!

Week 1 - Who was Amelia Earhart? We hope this question can lead into a really exciting, thought provoking topic about journeys, maps, and flight!  This week the EYFS children have discussed 'what is in the air?' and the responses were surprising!  Whilst expecting the conversation to turn to planes or balloons, the children actually led the focus to change to pollution and poisonous gases!  The Key Stage 1 children made paper planes in English - yes English!  And some are hoping to persuade Mr Barton to let them do this activity in class on a daily basis!  The class debate on this topic was so impressive so who knows what the result might be?!

We finished the week with a class treasure hunt.  They YR children made a treasure box which they decorated and filled.  The KS1 children hid the box and then drew maps for the YR to follow.  The YR children read the map, with Archie being the one who actually found the treasure.  


Week 6 - our last week of term was as busy as ever.  The KS1 children finished a piece of writing based on an imaginary interview with a Chinese Emperor.  The children in Reception wrote about an item that they had found and what they did with it once they found it - Clara said she found a Chinese dragon!

Our week finished with activities that included painting Chinese numbers, learning about the Chinese animals for our birth years, practising a Chinese Lion Dance and thinking about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Take a look at a couple of activities we tried in these pictures: (Happy Chinese New Year) 

Chinese Cat                     Chinese Numbers

Weeks 4 & 5 - well we all feel we've hit the post-Christmas slump, with some winter bugs taking hold of us and zapping our energy.  This therefore felt like the perfect time for some lessons in Mindfulness and Key Stage 1 have had 2 lessons that helped the children focus on breathing, relaxing, focussing and ultimately, feeling re-energised.  Our photo says it all!  

But don't be fooled into thinking we've spent two weeks sleeping, we've been busy finishing our science investigation, receiving a gymnastic PE session from Future Stars, painting some Lowry-esk industrial pictures, building Lego creations and on top of all this, Reception had a Road Safety Week!  Is it any wonder our mindfulness lessons were such a hit.

Y2 Mindfulness

Week 3 - Show and Tell is back!  To compliment our topic we have requested that the children bring in items related to creativity.  We had some amazing 'shows' including Arthur's Lego machine that took him at least half a day to build, and Archie did a story-making 'tell' which started with the Gruffalo looking for a mouse and ended with him hiding in a tree.  

Our Bath Spa Teacher, Miss Nash taught the 2nd in a series of 3 KS1 science lessons.  The children had to make roofs for the three little pigs houses, next week they will be testing the them to find out which material is best - wooden sticks, straw or plastic straws.  Which do you think will be the winner?

Week 2 - We have had a lovely week starting with learning a new story set in China called The Magic Brush, and culminating in a trip to see Beauty and the Beast at the Tobacco Factory.  This version of the fairy tale was based in France, so our children have been on a real literary journey around the world this week.  

Jack and Oscar received certificates in our Friday celebration assembly - we thought you might like a sneaky peek at what happens.  Here the boys are receiving their certificates from Mr Barton and shaking his hand, before receiving a huge round of applause from the rest of the school.

Dragonfly children receiving certificates

Week 1 - Our return to school has been fun and the children have told us lots of stories about their holidays.  They then settled into their new timetable which now sees a phonics lesson straight after assembly, and maths moved before lunch.  In Key Stage 1 the children learnt about Online Safety whilst the Reception children have been practising their maths by building towers and playing maths games on the Smart Board.  All the children have been thinking about this terms focus value, Ambition - take a peek at the display above the KS1 coat pegs to find out more.

After an amazing Term 2, culminating in our school Nativity (in which Dragonfly children had some key roles), we move into Term 3 - Do you hear what I hear?  

This is our 'arty' term in which we think about Art, Art History, music, and link all of this to the EYFS topic - Journeys.  A favourite book to explore for this topic is The Train Ride - if you have this book at home you'll know how the book links rhyme and rhythm, making it a great text to compose music to.  


Week 6 - We don't want to give too much away - but our Christmas play rehearsals have been going well!  We hope you all make it on Tuesday evening for our fabulous performance!  However, this isn't all we have achieved this week.  The YR children have made dinosaur skeletons out of pasta and fossils using mud and pipe-cleaners - yes, it's been messy!  The Y1 children had an amazing time playing Tag Tails at Chew Valley School - they won 3 out of 6 games and were so proud of themselves.  In Key Stage 1 we have all learnt the story of Lego - we can tell you all about it if you ask us about it - just say 'Who was Ole Kirk Christiansen?' and we will fill you in.

Week 5 - On Tuesday our Year 2 children went to a Bench Ball event at Chew Valley School.  They all had a great time and represented to school extremely well (as always).  Whilst Year 2 got sporty, YR and Y1 got busy - tidying up the Dragonfly playground.  They worked really hard and were very proud of the results.  It sometimes feels like a losing battle with all the leaves we have to clear, but they certainly put up a fight trying - especially Bonnie who kept going well beyond the time allocated!

Garden tidying

Week 4 - Welcome Mollie - a new member of Dragonfly class!  We have started to have a little peak at Christmassy things by learning the Nativity Story for our English Recount.  However, we are holding off on going all-out-glitter until December really kicks in!  Both EYFS and KS1 children are thinking about money and the value of coins in maths this week - please support your children by giving them access to UK coins and notes (but not too much access!!!).

Week 3 - Our Reception children have been learning even more digraphs this week - and the sound 'ch' is always popular - it starts words like chocolate and chips!  They also started the week by programming beebots - they are certainly busy bees.  In Key Stage 1 we have thought a lot about how to research things.  We wanted to find out about toys from the past and our clever children conducted a lovely interview with Nigel Chambers, asking some really good questions about the toys he used to play with (and still does).  Speaking of toys - the sewing has begun.  We will hopefully have some lovely bears on display within the next 2 weeks!  Speaking of bears - we have been thinking about Pudsey Bear and the importance of Children in Need.  Our children really went to town on their amazing clothes this Friday: blue for Anti-bullying and spots for CIN. 

Then to top off a fantastic week, all the children went to Hidden Valley Forest School and made habitats for their class toys.  It was a beautiful day and the children enjoyed consolidating their topic learning in the outside environment.

Colouring for Children in Need   cooking with fire

Pudsey colouring!                       Bread making!

Week 2 - The week began with the Key Stage 1 children designing their own teddies (that they will attempt to sew next week), and our Reception children considering another animal - the butterfly.  The butterfly was discussed, drawn, written about and generally thought about every day of the week in Reception, with all children making some amazing life-cycle pictures on Thursday. 

On Tuesday the class took part in an African drumming workshop and their ability to listen, follow instructions and play the drums was something to be proud of.  There wasn't one missed beat, and we even had a couple of children trying out some dancing - it was amazing!

Friday culminated with the Dragonfly children receiving their scripts for the Christmas play.  All the Key Stage 1 children have a speaking part (please get practising), whilst our Reception children will be providing the tableau throughout the majority of the event.  How exciting! 

Week 1 - We have returned to a very busy week in Dragonfly Class.  Our Tuesday and Wednesday parents evenings were as busy as usual - we are always delighted to see so many faces.  

This week the children have been working with shapes in maths throughout all year groups.  This has meant that we have had some mixed year maths lessons with children from Key Stage 1 working alongside our Reception children.  

Our Key Stage 1 science lessons about air pollution have finished this week and the children's experiments produced some great results - ask your children what they have learnt and how!

Finally, our outdoor activity session incorporated Harvest Vegetables and Fireworks!  Your children will be bring home their masterpieces very soon.


We are always excited when a new term starts, but Term 2 always feels extra special.  All the children have settled into their new year group and as Christmas approaches the excitement heightens.  For our Reception Children our 'Animal' topic from Term 1 continues, however for KS1 we have a new focus question: 'Do you know any toy stories?'


Week 6 - We have been busy practising for our Harvest Assembly next week.  We know all the words to the Dragonfly songs and we are sure our parents/ carers will love hearing us sing next Tuesday.  Our English focus has been to listen to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and to work out how we can plot the story on a Story Mountain - if you are not sure what this is, just ask us to explain at home.  In Reception we have been thinking about our new role play for next term.  To stick with the theme of animals we are going to have .... a pet shop.  It's now a work in progress - any donations of resources to add to our role play will be happily received.

Week 5 - Our reception children have been so busy with their phonics, they already know 19 sounds!  Have they been practising at home with you?  Ask them to write the following sentence: I can sit on the big ship.  Of course the Key Stage 1 children are making great progress too and finished this week writing a hot task to show step-by-step instructions to make a bird feeder.  The Year 2 children included some lovely noun phrases like 'sticky lard' and 'teeny tiny seeds'.  We've also had our first new times table certificate achieved this week when Lilou passed 'Iron' stage.  She will be receiving the certificate in next week's celebration assembly.

Week 4 - Only half way through the first term and the fun isn't close to stopping.  On Monday the children had workshops with the RSPB.  Some children walked to the viaduct to discover mini-beasts, whilst others explored the school grounds to find out about local habitats under our own noses.  The children had great fun.


Throughout the week, the children have then been thinking about the workshop and what they have learnt.  To help feed the birds we then all went outside on Friday afternoon to make bird feeders.  The Key Stage 1 children will be using this activity to write Step by Step Instructions next week.

Outside learning

Week 3 - This week we finally approached the topic question about whether or not we are animals.  The children compared the basic needs of humans to four land animals and noticed a number of similarities: we all need food, water, to be able to breathe, have babies and to sleep.  The children decided that we therefore must be animals, but with one major difference.  The children were adamant that whilst animals didn't need any, humans would not be able to survive without money!

On Friday afternoon Miss Perret led the children in an outdoor creativity lesson.  The children foraged for natural decorations and picked apples from the tree.  They then used a mix of craft materials and plant materials sourced from the garden to create some amazing fruit pets.  We hope you were pleased with the end results when they came home.

 Fruit Pets


Week 2 - Don't be surprised if the children come home talking about 'Christmas' today, and yes we did play some Christmas music in class!!!  Sorry!  This is in preparation of our yearly Christmas Card activity and the deadline is next week - but don't worry, we will try not to mention it again until December.

We have worked hard in Key Stage 1 with our grammar.  Year 1s have been identifying nouns (cat), and Year 2s have been using noun phrases (scary black cat).  They have all worked hard on these concepts but please keep practising at home.

In Reception we have talked about our pets, how we look after them, and what our favourite animals are - unsurprisingly the unicorn has been a popular choice!

 Week 1 - Dragonfly class has been a wonderful place to be this week.  Our 27 children have been extremely busy from day one and the Reception children have already learnt the sounds 'm', 'a', 'd' and 's'.  In Key Stage 1 we have been both revising and learning new ways of understanding Place Value.  For our English text we have been looking at the story of Peter and the Wolf and putting actions to the different elements of the story.  Your child could show you some of the actions they have come up with at home.

New Term: Hello children and parents, new and old.  Our Topic this term is titled Am I an animal?  We will be thinking about the link between animals and ourselves and discussing the question, are we animals too?  For our Reception children it will be a great opportunity to discuss themselves; their like and dislikes; their own experiences and those of their friends.  For our Key Stage 1 children the topic will encourage the children to think about animals around the world, habitats and categorising.  

Our new Dragonfly Zoo role-play area designed by the newest member of the Dragonfly team, Miss Perret, is bound to be a popular place to hang out too.  

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