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Dragonfly Class

Teacher - Naomi Rawlinson      HLTA - Jo Cowin (Mon/ Tues - am)

TA - Sasha Perret (Mon & Tues - pm/ Wed & Fri - all day): TA - Hilary Goodlet (Thurs)

*Please remember PE days: ALL CHILDREN - Tuesday and Wednesday* 

AS PER OUR PE POLICY - CHILDREN ARE TO WEAR PE KITS AND BLACK TRAINERS TO SCHOOL ON THESE DAYS There is therefore no need to bring in PE bags to school unless your child has a club after school or may require a spare set of clothes


Week 6 - We have been busy practising for our Harvest Assembly next week.  We know all the words to the Dragonfly songs and we are sure our parents/ carers will love hearing us sing next Tuesday.  Our English focus has been to listen to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood and to work out how we can plot the story on a Story Mountain - if you are not sure what this is, just ask us to explain at home.  In Reception we have been thinking about our new role play for next term.  To stick with the theme of animals we are going to have .... a pet shop.  It's now a work in progress - any donations of resources to add to our role play will be happily received.

Week 5 - Our reception children have been so busy with their phonics, they already know 19 sounds!  Have they been practising at home with you?  Ask them to write the following sentence: I can sit on the big ship.  Of course the Key Stage 1 children are making great progress too and finished this week writing a hot task to show step-by-step instructions to make a bird feeder.  The Year 2 children included some lovely noun phrases like 'sticky lard' and 'teeny tiny seeds'.  We've also had our first new times table certificate achieved this week when Lilou passed 'Iron' stage.  She will be receiving the certificate in next week's celebration assembly.

Week 4 - Only half way through the first term and the fun isn't close to stopping.  On Monday the children had workshops with the RSPB.  Some children walked to the viaduct to discover mini-beasts, whilst others explored the school grounds to find out about local habitats under our own noses.  The children had great fun.


Throughout the week, the children have then been thinking about the workshop and what they have learnt.  To help feed the birds we then all went outside on Friday afternoon to make bird feeders.  The Key Stage 1 children will be using this activity to write Step by Step Instructions next week.

Outside learning

Week 3 - This week we finally approached the topic question about whether or not we are animals.  The children compared the basic needs of humans to four land animals and noticed a number of similarities: we all need food, water, to be able to breathe, have babies and to sleep.  The children decided that we therefore must be animals, but with one major difference.  The children were adamant that whilst animals didn't need any, humans would not be able to survive without money!

On Friday afternoon Miss Perret led the children in an outdoor creativity lesson.  The children foraged for natural decorations and picked apples from the tree.  They then used a mix of craft materials and plant materials sourced from the garden to create some amazing fruit pets.  We hope you were pleased with the end results when they came home.

 Fruit Pets


Week 2 - Don't be surprised if the children come home talking about 'Christmas' today, and yes we did play some Christmas music in class!!!  Sorry!  This is in preparation of our yearly Christmas Card activity and the deadline is next week - but don't worry, we will try not to mention it again until December.

We have worked hard in Key Stage 1 with our grammar.  Year 1s have been identifying nouns (cat), and Year 2s have been using noun phrases (scary black cat).  They have all worked hard on these concepts but please keep practising at home.

In Reception we have talked about our pets, how we look after them, and what our favourite animals are - unsurprisingly the unicorn has been a popular choice!

 Week 1 - Dragonfly class has been a wonderful place to be this week.  Our 27 children have been extremely busy from day one and the Reception children have already learnt the sounds 'm', 'a', 'd' and 's'.  In Key Stage 1 we have been both revising and learning new ways of understanding Place Value.  For our English text we have been looking at the story of Peter and the Wolf and putting actions to the different elements of the story.  Your child could show you some of the actions they have come up with at home.

New Term: Hello children and parents, new and old.  Our Topic this term is titled Am I an animal?  We will be thinking about the link between animals and ourselves and discussing the question, are we animals too?  For our Reception children it will be a great opportunity to discuss themselves; their like and dislikes; their own experiences and those of their friends.  For our Key Stage 1 children the topic will encourage the children to think about animals around the world, habitats and categorising.  

Our new Dragonfly Zoo role-play area designed by the newest member of the Dragonfly team, Miss Perret, is bound to be a popular place to hang out too.  

To view our long term curriculum planning, please click here.

To view our Term 1 curriculum plan, please click here.

To see this term's homework grid - Term 1 homework - (The first to rows of the grid are aimed at Reception children but any child can choose any homework challenge)

To see this term's spellings - Y1 Term 1 spellings / Y2 Term 1 Spellings - please check which list your child should be using.  YR do not have spellings.