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Kingfisher Class

Class teacher: Mr Sam Miller

LSA: Mrs Tracey Bevan

Welcome to Kingfisher Class; the year 5/6 class. We are a class of 27 children with 15 year 6s and 12 year 5s.

We hope you had a very relaxing and enjoyable week off and are ready to get back into the full swing of work.

This term our topic is 'why aorta keep fit', which is a science based topic on the human body and keeping fit. To view this term's medium term plan, please click here.

This term we will be having PE every week on a Monday and Tuesday (with Mr Meek), where we will be focusing on invasion games. 

To view this term's homework grid please click here.

This term we will be continuing with the children learning two words from the year 5/6 list provided by the government (please click here) and three words that they are spelling incorrectly in their English books. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask me.

If your child is struggling with learning their spellings, please click here for a range of strategies to help them learn their spellings.

Week 2

We have had an assessment week this week where the class have carried out various practice papers, where they have all tried their hardest and should be proud of themselves. We focused on dribbling in PE this week and looked at how the lungs work and how they are connected to the heart. To end the week, the class went to Forest School and had a lot of fun dissecting a lamb's heart, looking at all the different parts of a heart and completing an obstacles course to see the effect of exercise on the heart rate. 


Week 1

Kingfisher Class have come back into the new term with a fantastic attitude. We have had a lot of history this week learning about Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day (making poppies and silhouette pictures as well as writing letters to the soldiers from various wars, all to help their understanding of what they have done for us). We have also started our topic on the human heart, looking at what their prior understanding is and creating a 3D paper heart. We have also had Mr Meek start delivering his PE sessions to our class, focusing on invasion games. We've even had teachers from Chew Magna and Cameley school come to visit our class this week and they were very impressed with the work produced and with their general work ethos. 

Week 8

What a brilliant finish to the end of term! We started the week by having a Capoeira dance workshop- a Brazilian, martial-arts dance, which was a huge amount of fun (and tiring!). We also had a house tag-rugby competition, with Carpenter coming out as victorious with a narrow victory over Brunel (coming from 3-1 down to 4-3 winners). As well as this, we also created our own chocolate bars and placed them inside our own wrappers, which looked incredible! We finished the topic with a class debate, debating on whether we should eat chocolate or not, with some children even concluding that no-one should eat any chocolate (we'll see how long that lasts for!). We hope you all have a great week off!


Week 7

This week we have been designing and creating our own chocolate wrappers, which have proved to be very creative. The class have been writing persuasive letters to Augustus Gloop and have had a week on long multiplication. To finish the gymnastics unit the class created their own gymnastic routines in their own groups, which were extremely impressive. A big congratulations to our football team for reaching the final and narrowly losing by golden goal in extra time in the Chew Valley tournament.

Week 6

This week we have carried on with our topic of chocolate by looking into the slave trade and getting the children to reenact some conditions the slaves had to encounter whilst travelling from Africa to Europe and America. The class have also been designing their own chocolate wrappers, ready to be made next Tuesday. Please could all children bring in small empty cardboard boxes for this lesson. In PE we have started our gymnastics unit, which the class have thoroughly enjoyed and we have started looking at persuasive writing in English.

Week 5

This week we have continued with our chocolate topic by looking into fairtrade, which has caused some very interesting debates. The class have also written some very detailed invented adventure stories and have been getting stuck in with addition and subtraction. We all took part in the Chew Valley School touch rugby tournament and I was incredibly proud of them all: they all tried their absolute hardest and am very pleased to say that our A team came out as winners; winning every match and only conceding one try on the day!

Week 4

We've had a lot of fun with our topic this week by looking at the different uses chocolate has had in history and of course with the chocolatier coming in, teaching us about how chocolate is made (and even how healthy it can be) as well as making chocolate as well, which proved to be a lot of fun! We've had a new PGCE student join Kingfisher Class: Mr Riley, who has got to know all of us very quickly and has settled in very well. I would also like to say a big well-done to Cameron for handing in a project that he has completed at home: a robotic arm, which was extremely impressive.


Week 3

This week Kingfisher's have been working hard on their innovated adventure story based on Charlie Bucket. They have also been working on decimals in maths and getting ready for the tag rugby competition in a couple of weeks time. Mrs Critten has also been teaching music to the class (they were very relieved that it wasn't me!) Remember we have a chocolatier workshop next week.

Week 2

This week has been a very eventful week with us celebrating Roald Dahl day, inventing our own chocolate bars and creating a television advert for it. We also had 4 of the year 5/6 boys represent Pensford in a cross country tournament, finishing in a very impressive second place overall! Swimming lessons have already began, where the instructors said how impressed they were with the class' swimming abilities already! The class have continued to work very hard this week and am sure this will continue.

Week 1

What a fantastic first week back the children have had. They've come back with a brilliant work ethos; working their hardest in every lesson. The year 5s have settled in extremely well to the routine of Kingfisher Class and I have been very impressed with how well the year 6 have adapted to their role as a reception buddy. Remember that we have swimming starting on Monday and it's Roald Dahl Day on Thursday.