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Kingfisher Class

Class teacher: Mr Sam Miller

LSA: Mrs Tracey Bevan

Welcome to Kingfisher Class; the year 5/6 class. We are a class of 27 children with 15 year 6s and 12 year 5s.

We hope you had a very relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break and are ready to get back into the full swing of work.

This term our topic is 'could you be a soothsayer?', which is a topic based on the Mayan Civilisation. To view this term's medium term plan, please click here.

This term we will be having PE every week on a Monday and Wednesday. Swimming will be starting the first Monday back, so please remember to bring in your swimming kits.

To view this term's homework grid please click here.

Please read the attached document for one of the SPAG homework options for how the brain processes text.

This term we will be continuing with the children learning two words from the year 5/6 list provided by the government (please click here) and three words that they are spelling incorrectly in their English books. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask me.

If your child is struggling with learning their spellings, please click here for a range of strategies to help them learn their spellings

Term 3

Week 3

This week we have started football training ready for the class tournament at Chew Valley School. We have also started our art project on creating Mayan masks as well as starting to learn the names of pets in Spanish. After watching Beauty and the Beast last week, the children have started some fantastic writing based on this and have also been challenging themselves this week in maths by converting fractions, decimals and percentages. Please note that our class assembly is on Friday 2nd February- we hope to see you there.

Week 2

What a fantastic end to the week, with the whole school going to watch 'Beauty and the Beast' at the tobacco factory, which has provided Kingfisher Class with many different ideas for our writing over the next couple of weeks. This week we have also really started to learn about the Mayan civilisation by looking at their ancient cities and what they invented. I would like to say a big well done to our football team, who proved to be victorious over East Harptree with the final score 5-1 as well as a very well done to the netball B team who played very well against Whitchurch.  

pWeek 1

The class have come back with a fantastic mind-set all striving to work on the school's value of the term: ambition. They have all been working very hard in maths where we have continued working on fractions and in English where we have been learning about persuasive writing linked to the story of the three little pigs. We have started our Mayan topic as well as started to create their own website in computing. Remember, swimming starts on Monday!

Term 2

Week 7

What a great finish to the term: they performed brilliantly both in the Christmas production as well as the Benefice Christmas Lunch. The class  completed the class' DT project over the term of the Trojan Horse, which proved to be a big success and thoroughly enjoyable. We finished our topic of Ancient Greece with a debate over which city-state they would prefer to live in: Athens or Sparta. Thank-you for all your contributions to the Christmas, which helped raise a lot of money for the school and a big thank-you for all your generous gifts, we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break!  

Week 6

As the Christmas Play is quickly approaching, we have continued to practise our songs, ready to perform. We have been writing our own non-chronological reports, on a topic of our choice, and started our next maths unit on fractions.  We have also been comparing the Ancient Greek Olympics to the Modern Olympics in History. We have finished our house netball tournament, with Carpenter as the winners! A huge congratulations to the school's netball team, who came back from being 2-6 down, to winning 8-7, and progressing to the quarter finals.

Week 5

This week we have been fortunate enough to have a cricket coach come in and coach a session, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We have also continued having our music lessons from Mr Stinchcombe (a music teacher from Chew Valley Secondary School), who is getting us ready to perform our songs in the Christmas Play. We have been learning a non-chronological report and started to plan one all about the Spartans and Athenians. A big well done needs to be mentioned to the football team, who fought very hard and secured a 1-1 draw with Winford, who unfortunately got the equaliser in the last minute. 


Week 4

The Christmas Play rehearsals have begun! As of Friday, the whole school begun practising for the Christmas Play, meaning words have been given out and it's time for the children to start learning them at home. This week we have also been designing our own Trojan Horse and explaining what materials we would use to build it and why. We have also been looking at the difference between the Spartans and the Athenians. This week has been an assessment week, where all the children have been completing practice papers to monitor the progress. They have all tried their hardest and performed well.

Week 3

This week we have been doing a lot of work on the Ancient Greeks: we have created our own family tree of the Greek gods, found out lots of information about the Trojan War as well as the year 6 getting to design their own Greek vases in Forest School. In English, the class have also started to write their own mythical story based on a Greek mythical creature. We have been finishing division with long division, which I'm pleased to say the class got the hang of it by the end of the week. In spellings, we have also been looking at different methods of spelling challenging words, which we have all enjoyed- especially learning floccinaucinihilipilification and thinking how we would spell phydaughterglope/ fidortergloap.

Week 2

What a busy week we have had with all the visitors come to teach us. We started the week with having an African drumming workshop, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We've also had a local historian come in for two afternoons to teach us what Pensford was like during the medieval times. Our football team was also in action, playing against Bishop Sutton, which after a very hard fought game resulted in a 3-1 loss. Year 5 also went to Forest School to learn about the Ancient Egyptians: a very busy week!