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his week Christmas has arrived in Otter Class. The Tree has been put up, we've opened day one on our advent calendar and we have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production.

In English,we have enjoyed writing our own stories about Beowulf the heroic Viking. When writing our stories, we have been trying to include fronted adverbials, speech and interesting descriptive vocabulary.  

In science we have been learning about sound. We created our own phones, out of cups and string, and discovered how the sound travels along the string




     Otter Class  

Welcome to Otter Class; the Year 3 and 4 class. 


Mrs Louise Britton (Monday & Tuesday)
Mrs Linsey Mullen (Wednesday - Friday)


Mrs Sharon Croucher (mornings)


This term our topic is: The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

For this topic Otter Class will be reading the book 'The Polar Bear Explorers' Club' by Alex Bell.  We will learn about the history of exploration, polar lands and cold climates. 

To view the medium term plan please click here.


*Update - for the first four weeks of the term (5th, 12th, 19th and 26th November) we will be swimming on a Monday morning, so there will be no PE session on a Tuesday.  We will continue with our usual Thursday PE session.  Please bring swimming kit for Monday sessions and wear PE kit to school each Thursday. 


To see this term's homework grid please click here.


To see different ideas for how to learn spellings at home please click here.

*Update - Spellings will continue to be checked on Monday, but spelling sheets with new words will be sent home on Tuesday.  To encourage children to learn their words at home, we will now keep a running total of how many they score each week and will reward those children who consistently achieve / show they are trying their best.

Each week your child will be given two words to learn from the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list provided by the government (to view the whole list, please click here), and three words that they are spelling incorrectly in their writing books.  If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask us.


Term 2 - The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Week 4

Otter class completed their fourth and final swimming lesson of the term on Monday and finished the session with a fun swim.  Both we, and the instructors at the pool have been impressed by the children's behaviour and focus during their lessons.  We have seen all the children make good progress, especially those who were initially anxious about getting into the water.  Although not swimming, we will continue to have a PE session on a Monday afternoon, so please wear PE kits for the rest of Term 2.  After the Christmas break, we will recommence our weekly Tuesday PE sessions with Mr Meek.  As you will read in the whole school newsletter, preparations are in full swing for the church nativity play and the children are putting much effort into learning the songs they are singing together.  

Week 3

This week we were excited to welcome a former GB athlete, Robert Mitchell, to our school.  Each class took part in a circuits lesson led by Robert and Otter class enjoyed the challenge!  Back in the classroom, we finished writing our non-chronological reports about a topic that interests us and continued to learn about multiplication and division in maths.  More chapters of our class reader, 'The Polar Bear Explorers' Club were read, and Mrs Croucher was so impressed by our focus and concentration whilst listening to the story that she took a picture for display!

Week 2

This week we have really enjoyed reading more of 'The Polar Bears Explorers' Club' and have made it to chapter 7!  Using the book for inspiration, everyone wrote their own Explorers' Club rules to follow, whilst we explore the rest of the book.  On Thursday, the children went outside to the netball court (as Explorers) and used compass points to navigate their way around to solve a problem.  On Friday, we headed off to Forest School and had a great time.  The main focus was how to keep warm in cold climates.  So, the children had to make their own person using natural materials.  They then went on a scavenger hunt to find clothes to keep their person warm.  Afterwards we discussed how exercise keeps you warm and took part in an obstacle course to see how it warmed them up.  Finally, everyone sat down to have a delicious hot chocolate (another way to warm up!)

 Week 1

Welcome back to term 2!  This week we have started to read our new text called, 'The Polar Bears Explorers' Club.'  We are exploring the text in English as well as using it as a focus for our learning across the wider curriculum.  Otter class had their first swimming lesson this week and we were really impressed by their confidence and organisation at the pool.  We commemorated Remembrance Day by writing poems about 'Flanders Fields.'



Term 1 - North, East, South, West

Week 8

We have had a very 'active' week to end this first term in Otter Class!  We started the week by having a Capoeira dance workshop - a Brazilian, martial-arts dance, which was fun to both participate in and watch.  We also had our last 'team building' session with Mr Meek where we took part in a dodgeball tournament.  All the children showed great team spirit and have really developed their team working skills this term. 

 Week 7

Well done Otter Class for your super singing in our Harvest service this week - we hope that all who could come along and watch enjoyed it.  In class this week we have continued to focus on subtraction and applying our skills to problem solving situations.  In English, the children have been getting very creative and started to write their own version of 'Elf Road.'  They have created their own door which will lead them to a magical new world!

Week 6

Along with the rest of the school, Otter Class have had a busy week preparing for the Harvest Assembly.  We are looking forward to sharing this with you next week.  In English, we have learnt the story 'Elf Street' and will next week be innovating the text to make our own version.  In maths, we have continued to focus on addition and subtraction.  Our team building skills were further developed this week, in our PE session with Mr Meek, as we took part in timed team 'challenges.'  Our teachers were impressed with how well we supported each other in our teams!

Please look at the updated information regarding weekly spellings and thank you in advance for your continued support.

Week 5

This week, on Thursday, Otter Class celebrated World Poetry Day by both writing and performing poems.  We finished our work on the Jemmy Button story with some great descriptive writing.  In maths, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction.   In topic work, we continued to study Bahrain and looked at maps as well as lots of photos which showed us camels, pearl diving, dhows, the Souq, desert landscapes and mosques.  All the children created a henna design and we were very grateful to Darsh's Mum who brought in some henna for us all to use. 

Week 4

We've had a busy week in Otter Class trying to persuade Jemmy Button (the main character in our class text) that he should travel to England.  The children had some great ideas and have shown that they can be very persuasive in their writing!  In maths we have continued, and now completed our unit of learning about place value.  We now move on to addition and subtraction.  In art, the children have completed some fantastic work which is displayed along the corridor by Otter class.  It shows them ‘thinking’ about all the things they like and do both in and out of school.  In geography, we have been focusing on learning about Bahrain and have been able to look at items from the country that Mrs Mullen has bought in to share.  Finally, we've had a new PGCE student join Otter Class: Mr Wherrett, who has got to know all of us very quickly and has settled in very well.  Mr Wherrett will be with our class every day (except Tuesday) each week, until the end of January.

Week 3

This week we have started to read our new class text 'Jemmy Button.'  It's a true story about a little boy's journey from Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland, to England.  The children researched what it's like to live in Tierra del Fuego and used this information to write non-chronological reports.  In maths, we continued with place value by adding and taking away 10, 100 and 1000.  The whole school have started to  rehearse for the Harvest Assembly, and next week we will begin to learn a song for just our class to sing (in Spanish!).  

Week 2

This Thursday we celebrated 'Roald Dahl Day' and what an exciting day it was with the children looking fantastic - thank you for all of your efforts!  In the morning, the children took part in a place value / Roald Dahl themed scavenger hunt.  They had to solve place value questions, then go and find the answers.  On the back of each answer there was a letter, which eventually spelt out 'Fantastic Mr Fox.'




This week we also had our first PE session of the year with Mr Meek, which was quite challenging!  The children are working on their 'team building skills' this term and their activity was to cross a minefield (lots of PE equipment spread across the floor) blindfolded.  Don't worry, it was not as dangerous as it sounds, they had a classmate to guide them through!


Week 1

Well done Otter Class!  You have made a fantastic start to the new term. 

In preparation for celebrating 'Roald Dahl Day' next week (Thursday 13th September), we have been reading extracts from Dahl's autobiography 'Boy: Tales of Childhood.'  Feeling inspired, we wrote our own autobiographies and shared these with each other.  In maths we have started our focus on number and place value.  We have begun our geography topic by learning about the formation of continents.