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Welcome to Otter Class!


Teacher - Mrs Britton (Monday & Tuesday)

             - Miss Cowin (Wednesday - Friday)

                                   LSA support -  Mrs Croucher


Term 1

Week 6

Otter class started the week by going to Wild Things Farm. We were searching for inspiration to help us write some story settings. There were lots of animals and we enjoyed sitting under the thinking tree.

Having researched Egyptian gods, this week we created PowerPoint presentations with the facts we had found. We included pictures and changed the fonts, backgrounds and size of our writing.

On Friday afternoon, we started to paint our beads which we will be using to create our Egyptian jewellery. Otter Class then looked at some pictures of Egyptian death masks and created some of our own in our sketch books.


Week 5

Otter Class have had a very busy week this week. In English we have continued our story writing based on the Egyptian Cinderella and in Maths we have been doing column addition. As well as our Maths and English, we have been learning a lot about mummification and the human body. Did you know that when someone was mummified their organs would be removed and placed in canopic jars?  We also found out about how the brain was removed.

Since the beginning of the term, the children have created some amazing homework projects. Miss Cowin, Mrs Britton and Mrs Croucher wanted to thank the children (and parents) for producing some great ancient Egyptian artefacts. These have been displayed in the Otter class museum.





Week 4

This week we have enjoyed reading the 'Egyptian Cinderella' story and have compared it to the traditional version. We started to think about how we could change it to make it our own and we wrote an action sequence. In Maths, we have finished place value and will be moving onto addition next week.

On Thursday Caroline was back to teach us some gymnastics. This week we learnt all about travelling. Ask us to show you our 'monkey walk' (it was incredibly hard).

We were very pleased to have Sonny back in Otter Class on Friday afternoon as we have missed him lots. As well as having Sonny back, we have finished our fantastic scarab beetle printing as you can see from the pictures below. 


Week 3

Otter class were very excited this week to have someone come in to school and teach us gymnastics (this will continue for the rest of the term.) We were taught some different gymnastic positions and did some balancing. All the children were very good at balancing (much better than Miss Cowin).

After researching Egyptian jewellery, this week we have designed our own and we look forward to making it in the upcoming weeks.

In English we have finished learning about newspaper reports and we have continued with place value in Maths. 

Week 2

This week in Otter class, we have continued to learn about ancient Egypt. We have been finding out about newspaper reports and have started writing our own about the death of Tutankahmun. As part of our computing lessons, the class have decided what they would like to research about Egyptian gods. Their task next week will be to answer the questions.

In our P.E lessons, we have played some great games of bench ball. We worked so well as a team that we were given a ‘Star of the week’ certificate.

Week 1

We have had a great first week in Otter class and have been excited to start learning about the Ancient Egyptians. As part of our English lessons, we learnt about Howard Carter and have written diary entries about the discovery of Tutankahmun’s tomb. As well as some fantastic writing, the children have created some beautifully colourful pictures of scarab beetles which Mrs Croucher has already put on display for the rest of the school to enjoy.

Welcome back to Otter class, we hope that you have had a fantastic summer break and are looking forward to the new year.  Our topic for this term is 'Walk like an Egyptian.' Through this topic we will be exploring what life was like in Ancient Egypt, designing jewellery and finding out about mummification. 



PE will be on Monday and Thursday (Terms 2 and 6 swimming).  Please make sure to wear the correct PE kit to school on these days. 

Home Learning

Homework is given termly.  Your child will have their homework grid for the term in their homework book. Please choose 1 or 2 activities from the grid each week to complete.  Please ensure homework books are in school every Thursday so they can be marked and handed back out on Friday.  Reading should be done at least 3- 4 times a week and your child's reading record signed. Timetables and spellings will be tested on Friday.

This term's homework grid can be found here.

This term's medium term plan can be found here.

Term 1 spellings for Year 3.

Term 1 spellings for Year 4.