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This week Christmas has arrived in Otter Class. The Tree has been put up, we've opened day one on our advent calendar and we have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production.

In English,we have enjoyed writing our own stories about Beowulf the heroic Viking. When writing our stories, we have been trying to include fronted adverbials, speech and interesting descriptive vocabulary.  

In science we have been learning about sound. We created our own phones, out of cups and string, and discovered how the sound travels along the string

Welcome to Otter Class!

Teacher - Mrs Britton (Monday & Tuesday) and Miss Cowin (Wednesday - Friday)

LSA -  Mrs Croucher

 Term 5 and 6

This term our topic is ‘Dig for Victory’ 

This term's medium term plan can be found here

This term's homework grid can be found here


This term PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please make sure to wear the correct PE kit to school on these days. 

Home Learning

Homework is given termly.  Your child will have their homework grid for the term in their homework book. Please choose 1 or 2 activities from the grid each week to complete.  Please ensure homework books are in school every Thursday and Friday. 

PLEASE ASK if you require a printed version of the sheets attached to the homework grid.

Times tables and spellings will be tested on Friday.

Reading should be done at least 3- 4 times a week and your child's reading record signed.

Week 1 and 2

We have had such an exciting start to the term. All the children are really enjoying learning about WW2. So far we have found out about evacuees and the Blitz. We sheltered under our tables when an air raid siren sounded in our class and the children remembered to shut the blinds so we couldn't be seen. All of our research has inspired our writing and in English we have written diary entries and letters.

This week we also had the opportunity to play some games children might have played during WW2 this included hop scotch and skipping. 

Week 7

What a great end to the term. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch Otter's class assembly. We worked really hard and enjoyed sharing with everyone the things we have been learning this year.

As well as our class assembly, the children have completed a science experiment to find out how water is transported through a plant. We added food colouring to water and placed flowers in a jug. We could see that the water was transported through the plant as the white flower began to change colour.

Week 6

Otter Class have been excited to welcome two new starters this week. We are pleased to have Seany join us in year 4. His first day with us was Friday and we look forward to getting to know him better. As well as welcoming Seany, we also have Miss Wicks, who will be with us for the next four weeks, as she completes her PGCE teaching degree.

This week, as well as having two new additions, we have been writing reports about dragons in English and have finished learning about time in Maths. We have spent time writing and practising our class assembly which we hope to see parents at on Tuesday morning.

Week 5

This week in Otter Class, we have been learning about time. We know the number of days in a year, hours in a day and can convert between hours, minutes and seconds. We have been reading time, which we will continue next week.

In English we have been writing reports particularly focusing on our different sentence types (simple, compound and complex.)

And in our science lessons we have continued to learn about plants. We have discovered how seeds are dispersed, and then made our own seeds out of paper to demonstrate how seeds can be carried by the wind.



Week 3

This week we have read the story of 'The Night Gardener' which has inspired our writing. In maths we are learning about statistics. We started the week by collecting data on the flowers in the school grounds and representing this as bar charts and pictograms.

Look at the photos below to see how much our plants from week one are growing.

Week 2

We have had a very energetic week this week which has included three PE lessons. Two of the lessons were taught by coaches where we learnt tennis and football and the third session we enjoyed playing bench ball.

In English we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and have writing 'The Giant's Revenge' a narrative which takes place after the original story.

As well as this, we have become botanists by studying a selection of flowers and creating watercolour paintings of them. 

Week 1

With our topic being 'Dig for Victory', we have started this term by writing and publishing instructions on 'How to grow plants.' On Friday, we used these instructions to help us plant tomatoes, sunflowers, peas and lettuce.

In maths we have been learning about money. It has provided us with the opportunity to revisit all four maths operations we have already covered this year and we have applied our understanding of money to problem solving.

We have also started to play football in our PE lessons as taught by the school's new PE coach and on Thursdays we are learning to play hockey.

It has been a great and very busy start to the term.

 Term 4

This term our topic is ‘The Rolling Stones’ 

This term's medium term plan can be found  here

This term's homework grid can be found here

Week 5

It has been an amazing week! As part of our outdoor learning week, Otter Class have, made weapons, paint, Stone Age drawings, shelters and have foraged and cooked our own food. Below are some photos of our activities.






Week 4

This week has been illuminating as Otter class have been learning about electricity. We have been experimenting with circuits and seeing if we can make lightbulbs, motors and buzzers work. Otter Class have made predictions and completed fair tests to discover what materials are good conductors of electricity. We really enjoyed being able to make our own circuits. Some people manage to make four lightbulbs in one circuit work.

As well as learning about electricity, we have been writing newspaper reports in English and have finished learning about fractions in maths. It was also our last week swimming so we finished our lesson with a fun swim and enjoyed playing with the large floats.


Week 3

This week Otter Class have had two new starters. Welcome to Pensford School Connie and Dylan. We hope you have enjoyed your first week with us.

After all that snow last week, it was good to get back to normal. We have been writing stories in English based on the Stone Age and have been learning about tenths and decimals in maths.

Friday was an incredibly busy day. The Year 3s watched a maths play in the morning called 2,4,6,8. At Lunch time we were very happy to see so many Mums show up for the Mother’s Day lunch. Finally, in the afternoon we all got incredibly muddy when we headed off to Forest school. What a great way to end the week!


Week 2

We hope you enjoyed your snow days! Even though it has been a shorter week, Otter Class managed to squeeze in a lot.

In English we have been reading the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. We have used this story to write letter in the first person as Stone Age Boy and we have acted out the story.

In Maths Otter Class have continues to learn about fractions. We have been able to find fractions of amounts and problem solving.

To finish our week, we had studied some stone age pots. Then we decided to design and make our own.

Week 1

What a great start to a new term! This term Otter Class will be learning about Prehistoric Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This week we have already started to learn about Stone Age homes and their animals.

We have also been studying poetry in English. We have read a range of different poems and really enjoyed watching Michael Rosen perform some of his own on the internet. We wrote our own poems focusing of descriptive vocabulary, alliteration, similes and metaphors.

In Maths Otter Class have continued to learn about fractions and we are now about to find equivalent fractions and add fractions.


Term 3

This term our topic is ‘Who is roaming in the rainforest?’ 

This term's medium term plan can be found here

This term's homework grid can be found here

Week 5

‘Do you think we should be allowed to use the resources from the rainforest?’ Is a question which the children in Otter class have been discussing this week. Our focus has been persuasive writing so we have been thinking about rhetorical questions, emotive language and how to structure our ideas. We had a class debate which resulted in most of the children believing we should be allowed to take from the rainforest as long as it is done sustainably.

In an afternoon the children have enjoyed programming in computing, researching endangered animals and we were lucky to have an outside specialist come in to teach us about throwing and catching.

Week 4

This week we have continued to use the story of Beauty and the Beast to inspire our writing. We sent the character Isabella on a journey through the rainforest. She went on a gently boat ride down the river, met creepy crawlies and found shelter from a sudden storm. Otter Class have tried to remember to include speech and lots of descriptive vocabulary.

In Maths we have learnt more about measure and we now know how to convert between mm, cm and m. We have also found out how to measure the perimeter of different shapes.

Finally, we want to say thank you to all the parents who have helped with homework. We have had some lovely rainforests brought into the classroom which are on display.



Week 3

Welcome Fletcher-we hope you had a lovely first week in Otter Class. 

Our trip to the Tobacco Factory last week has been the stimulus for a lot of our learning this week. In English we have been writing character descriptions and thinking about speech and in the afternoons we have started to compose music for Beauty and the Beast. 

In our maths lessons we are beginning to learn about measure. The children found out that they would have to run around the school 10 times if they wished to run a kilometre. (We may try this in our next P.E lesson)

We also went to Chew Valley school for a netball festival which the children really enjoyed. They all showed great skill, team work and represented the school brilliantly.


Week 2

In English this week Otter Class have been writing reports on animals we have created. We have described their appearance, habitat, diet and any threats the animals might face. Our SPAG focus has been possessive apostrophes.

The children have been learning how to play netball in P.E. They have been working on their passing and defending skills. The class was split into two teams and we played our first match which the children enjoyed.

Our week ended with the whole school watching 'Beauty and the Beast' at the Tobacco Factory. We had an amazing time and it has provided us with some great ideas for our writing in English next week.

Week 1

What a brilliant start to the term we have had. The children are looking forward to learning about our new topic and have been excited to see Mrs Croucher turning our classroom into a tropical rainforest. We created some beautiful drawings of the Red Eyed Tree Frog which we've also been learning about in our English lessons. All the children have been thinking about his terms focus value: ambition. Everyone in the class has set themselves some ambitious goals which they hope to achieve by the end of the term.

Term 2

This term our topic is 'Legends and Longboats.'

Week 6 and 7

What a fantastic end of term we had! We were all very proud to see the children performing so well in the Christmas production. They all worked incredibly hard and we hope you enjoyed watching it.

In our final weeks, we completed lots of Christmas activities. In Maths we had fun and challenged ourselves with come Christmas problem solving and in English, after watching some video clips, we planned and filmed our own Christmas adverts.

As well as Friday being the last day of term, it was also the last day in school for Alfie H. We will all miss him very much and we hope that he enjoys his new school.

Week 5

This week Christmas has arrived in Otter Class. In preparation for the Christmas fair, the children have been making things to sell. The Tree has been put up, we've opened day one on our advent calendar and we have continued to rehearse for our Christmas production.

In English we have enjoyed writing our own stories about Beowulf the heroic Viking. When writing our stories, we have been trying to include fronted adverbials, speech and interesting descriptive vocabulary. Miss Cowin and Mrs Britton have enjoyed reading the imaginative stories. 

In science we have been learning about sound. We created our own phones, out of cups and string, and discovered how the sound travels along the string. Have a look at the pictures of us experimenting with sound.


Week 4

This week in English we have been learning the story of Beowulf. He was a brave Viking who defeated a horrible monster. We have acted out the story in preparation for writing our own version next week.

Monday was our last swimming lessons for the term. We were very proud to see all the children attempt to swim in the deep end of the pool.

We have also started rehearsing for our Christmas production. Otter class will be playing 'The Children of the World.' They all have speaking parts and we would appreciate it if you could help your children learn their lines at home.

Week 3

This week in Otter class we have been writing creative explanation texts in English. Everyone was able to chose the topic of their writing which included, 'How to be a Dragon Catcher,' How to be a Unicorn Catcher' and 'How to be a Fire Donkey Catcher'. In Maths we continued to focus on multiplication and will be moving onto division next week.   

Based on our Viking topic, we had lots of fun making a class longship. It was long enough for all of us to fit in but we didn't think we would be able to sail very far in it.

Week 2

We have been incredibly busy this week in Otter Class. In Maths, we have started multiplying and dividing and in English we have started writing an explanation test on 'How to be a Viking'.As well as our usual maths and English, we have been very lucky to have the opportunities to play some African drums, go to invasion games, visit forest school and go swimming.

Week 1

This term our topic is Vikings. We have already learnt where Vikings originated and have started to discuss where they settled. During our art lesson, we looked at pictures of Viking longships and have created pencil sketches of the dragon heads which were on the front of the ships.

As well as learning about Vikings,  in our maths lessons we have finished our focus on addition and subtraction and next week we will be moving on to multiplication. Also we have been writing explanation texts about a 'Teacher Pleaser' machine.


This term's medium term plan can be found here

This term's homework grid can be found here

Term 1 spellings for Year 3

Term 1 spellings for Year 4


Term 1

This term our topic is 'Can you walk like an Egyptian?'

Week 7

Our final week of term has been a busy one. We’ve learnt about the digestive system and created our own. Everybody thought it was disgusting but we learnt a lot. In maths we’ve been learning about column subtraction and applying our knowledge of subtraction when problem solving. Finally, to finish our Egyptian topic, we completed our amazing Egyptian jewellery and also wrote about different Egyptian jobs.


Week 6

Otter class started the week by going to Wild Things Farm. We were searching for inspiration to help us write some story settings. There were lots of animals and we enjoyed sitting under the thinking tree.

Having researched Egyptian gods, this week we created PowerPoint presentations with the facts we had found. We included pictures and changed the fonts, backgrounds and size of our writing.

On Friday afternoon, we started to paint our beads which we will be using to create our Egyptian jewellery. Otter Class then looked at some pictures of Egyptian death masks and created some of our own in our sketch books.


Week 5

Otter Class have had a very busy week this week. In English we have continued our story writing based on the Egyptian Cinderella and in Maths we have been doing column addition. As well as our Maths and English, we have been learning a lot about mummification and the human body. Did you know that when someone was mummified their organs would be removed and placed in canopic jars?  We also found out about how the brain was removed.

Since the beginning of the term, the children have created some amazing homework projects. Miss Cowin, Mrs Britton and Mrs Croucher wanted to thank the children (and parents) for producing some great ancient Egyptian artefacts. These have been displayed in the Otter class museum.





Week 4

This week we have enjoyed reading the 'Egyptian Cinderella' story and have compared it to the traditional version. We started to think about how we could change it to make it our own and we wrote an action sequence. In Maths, we have finished place value and will be moving onto addition next week.

On Thursday Caroline was back to teach us some gymnastics. This week we learnt all about travelling. Ask us to show you our 'monkey walk' (it was incredibly hard).

We were very pleased to have Sonny back in Otter Class on Friday afternoon as we have missed him lots. As well as having Sonny back, we have finished our fantastic scarab beetle printing as you can see from the pictures below. 


Week 3

Otter class were very excited this week to have someone come in to school and teach us gymnastics (this will continue for the rest of the term.) We were taught some different gymnastic positions and did some balancing. All the children were very good at balancing (much better than Miss Cowin).

After researching Egyptian jewellery, this week we have designed our own and we look forward to making it in the upcoming weeks.

In English we have finished learning about newspaper reports and we have continued with place value in Maths. 

Week 2

This week in Otter class, we have continued to learn about ancient Egypt. We have been finding out about newspaper reports and have started writing our own about the death of Tutankahmun. As part of our computing lessons, the class have decided what they would like to research about Egyptian gods. Their task next week will be to answer the questions.

In our P.E lessons, we have played some great games of bench ball. We worked so well as a team that we were given a ‘Star of the week’ certificate.

Week 1

We have had a great first week in Otter class and have been excited to start learning about the Ancient Egyptians. As part of our English lessons, we learnt about Howard Carter and have written diary entries about the discovery of Tutankahmun’s tomb. As well as some fantastic writing, the children have created some beautifully colourful pictures of scarab beetles which Mrs Croucher has already put on display for the rest of the school to enjoy.

Welcome back to Otter class, we hope that you have had a fantastic summer break and are looking forward to the new year.  Our topic for this term is 'Walk like an Egyptian.' Through this topic we will be exploring what life was like in Ancient Egypt, designing jewellery and finding out about mummification.