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Live and Learn Together
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Life at Pensford Primary School Life at Pensford Primary School Life at Pensford Primary School Life at Pensford Primary School
“Pupils feel safe
at school and are kind
to one another. They like
being at school and appreciate
the many experiences
they have.” - Ofsted
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Partnerships With Others

We have forged strong links with other schools and organisations in the Local Authority and beyond, and we work closely with them to share good practice and expertise.  Recently, our collaboration in the Chew Valley has been taken to another level with the launch of the Chew Valley Cluster Educational Trust (CVCET). Yes - this does rhyme with 'TV set'!

Building on the strong relationships built up over many years between schools in the Chew Valley, CVCET currently gives a formal structure to our collaboration.  This helps our schools to work in meaningful partnership, without yet being involved in a Multi-Academy Trust.  Each school keeps its unique identity fully intact, while enjoying the many benefits that well-organised collaboration brings.

Education Experts:  We are very proud of the way in which we work with the Local Authority (BANES) to significantly enhance the access that we have to educational expertise in a number of areas.  We work closely with our school improvement adviser (Tom Morrison) to ensure that our policies, procedures and educational practice are up-to-date with the latest evidence-based recommendations.  For example, this year we are developing our practice around recommendations from the Independent Workload Review Group so that our time spent marking is very effective for pupils; we are also looking at recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation to ensure best practice in terms of the partnership between teachers and teaching assistants.  We even count amongst our regular volunteers many with education backgrounds at many different levels, from a true expert in the teaching of very early literacy skills right through to a Professor of Mathematics.

The Local Community:  We benefit from having a close local community in Pensford and there are many groups and organisations that work with us. Publow Church host our Christmas Service and attend our special assemblies and Chelwood Rotary Club help us to raise money for the school and charities, as well as organising an annual Chew Valley Cluster Football Tournament.  We also communicate regularly with the Parish Council and often benefit from local community members who come and help us with reading, mental maths, special events and curriculum weeks, such as 'Money Week'.