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Newsletter 14th July Issue 37

We are proud to say...

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly are: Charlotte and Josh
  • Stars of the week in Otter are:  Jack and Maggie
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher are:  Che and Devon
  • Headteacher awards:  Arthur, Jake and Ellis
  • Best Class Attendance: Kingfisher

A message from Mr Barton

Throughout the term each week has been unique with its own variety of 'special events' as we have moved through the summer.  This week has been no exception and each day has had its own highlight, which I would like to tell you about here.

On Monday we took the whole school to Bristol Zoo.  This was a really great day out, in perfect weather, and an ideal opportunity for children to truly enjoy their experience of learning as they toured the zoo and attended their workshops.  We are extremely grateful to the large number of volunteers who made this trip possible.  It was lovely to hear from many of you how much you had enjoyed the trip too.  A real bonus for us all was to arrive back at school and be struck by the hard work of our lunchtime staff.  With no children to cook for or supervise, Mrs Cook, Mrs Mateer, Mrs James and Mrs Coles set to work sweeping and clearing the playground of literally thousands of those little stones that have been creeping on to the coloured areas.  It looks so much better now so thank-you to all our brilliant lunchtime staff!

Tuesday was an opportunity for us to say thank-you to those volunteers who have supported the school so incredibly well throughout the year.  Our school council served drinks and cakes to the group of twelve volunteers who were able to come.  We were able to say 'thank-you' to them for their invaluable work and the children enjoyed hearing about the variety of support they offer across the school.  We are equally grateful to those other volunteers who were not able to make the coffee morning, of course.  In particular I would like to mention two of those: Elaine Davidson and Hilary Goodlet.  Elaine's expertise and years of experience in delivering phonics and interventions to groups of pupils is of tremendous value to our school and our Key Stage 1 pupils.  We are incredibly lucky that she has given this support so consistently on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the year.  It has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the progress the children have made.  Hilary has been a great support to Dragonfly class too and we are delighted that she will be continuing this next year as a part time teaching assistant in the class on Thursdays until December.  We enjoyed the opportunity to say thank-you and the School Council displayed their good manners, independence and patience as they waited to see if any cake was left over at the end!

So that brings me to the middle of the week when, on Wednesday, Kingfisher took part in a rounders tournament.  In fact, when they arrived, they learned that due to wet and slippery grass the game they would be playing wasn't rounders as they new it!  They quickly adapted to the new rules and, against highly competitive opposition, our A team took the bronze medal position.  As we have started to do now, we also took the whole class so that everyone could experience playing sport against other teams.  Despite finishing eighth, our B team showed very good spirit and Mr Miller was impressed with their attitude and effort.

Thursday brought some exciting news as we learned that the Pensford, Publow and the Stantons Community Trust has responded favourably to an application we made to them for finance to help us improve the front playground.  We are very grateful that they have agreed to support us and will be giving more details of the development in the autumn.  

You might have thought that such a busy week might have ended quietly on Friday but Pensford's Got Talent made that impossible!  I want to say 'well done' to EVERYONE who took part in this event, whether it be in the earlier rounds in classes or in today's final.  All the acts were of a good standard and there were some really good moments of true excellence, such as when last year's winner, Anna, sang a capella and held us all spellbound, even bringing a tear to Mrs Bevan's eye!

At the end we announced a winner for each class and an overall winner, who this year was Theo for his fantastic guitar playing.  You can see all our lovely winners here:

So on now to the final week of term and plenty more to come, including the Swimming Gala on Monday afternoon and the Kingfisher on Tuesday evening, starting at 6:30pm at the Memorial Hall.  The Gala does require tickets, but for the play seats are allocated on a first-come first-served basis and priority given to Kingfisher parents.  Donations in exchange for a programme will be warmly welcomed!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Barton 

PTA news - end of term party

Don't forget that the PTA are busy organising a party for the end of term.  Here are the details:

Football Fixtures this week

On Monday, after their day at the zoo, our football team played the second leg of their match against Cameley School.  This was to decide the winners of the inaugural Chew Cam Cup.  It was an exciting game with lots of goals but in the end the Pensford team managed to improve on their 4-2 lead from the first leg and win the cup with a 10-6 win on aggregate. Congratulations to the team and to Mr Miller, who worked with Cameley to start this new competition.

On Thursday the team played a friendly match against the strong opposition from Four Acres Academy in South Bristol.  This was a close came, 2-2 at half time, but unfortunately with a strong wind against them in the second half Pensford narrowly lost 3-2.  Again, though, Mr Miller was very impressed with the way that they played against a very strong team.

Clubs next week

As we enter the last week of term, most clubs have now finished.  However, Cookery Club is still running on Monday and Tennis Club is still running on Tuesday.  

Film club was due to finish yesterday but Mrs Bevan is very happy to extend it for a week, so this will be on again on Thursday.

Dates for next year

After the summer holiday, the first day back for children will be Tuesday, 5th September.  The rest of our term dates for the 2017-18 academic year are still available here.