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Newsletter 16th September - issue 02

We are proud to say that

Stars of the week in Dragonfly class are: George and Bonnie
Stars of the week in Otter class are: Zara and Lola
Stars of the week in Kingfisher class are: Niall and Georgina
Head Teacher Awards: Alfie B, Alfie H and Diesel
Best Class Attendance this week is: Dragonfly

A message from Mr Barton

At the end of our second week of term, it is lovely to see how the children are helping us to move things on so quickly.  In assembly on Wednesday virtually every child was keen to join in with remembering our school values and the children clearly know them very well already.  Our visitor on the day, Angela Fraser, was impressed.  In turn, she impressed us by very quickly rearranging the letters HTARE in her head to work out our 'HEART' acronym.  I would like to say a big thank-you to Mrs Spicer for the lovely artwork she has done so that we can display the values for all visitors.  If  you haven't seen it yet, do drop in to the library when you have a chance.

Thank-you to everyone involved in helping the children to come dressed as their Roald Dahl characters on Tuesday, too.  The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the day.  The Roald Dahl reading challenge set up last week is also proving very popular and children can be found reading his books in the new library every breaktime and lunchtime!

Thanks to Ros Anstey for taking this and other photos on our Roald Dahl day.

We have planned out how our assemblies will develop across the year and how they can involve you as parents.  Each teacher is taking ownership of a different assembly theme for the whole year, so that they can shape and develop the programme in some depth for the children.  I will be leading Monday and Friday assemblies, on the children's 'spiritual, moral, social and cultural development', including our traditional celebration on Friday, now linked closely to pupils' demonstration of the school values.  On Tuesdays, Mrs Mullen will be leading singing assemblies, including helping to prepare the children for special events such as Harvest and Christmas.  Wednesday assemblies will help us to deliver the Religious Education curriculum and will be led by Miss Rawlinson.  Approximately every other week, Angela Fraser will visit on a Wednesday and deliver a non-religious assembly but from a Christian perspective.  That leaves Thursdays, on which Mr Miller will deliver a programme of sharing assemblies in which the children will have an opportunity to present the best of their work.  As time goes on, the sharing assemblies may develop a theme such as looking at the best of our handwriting in different year groups, or the best artwork or science.

Importantly, we would like to invite you as parents to an event or assembly each term.  This will begin on 14th October when we will hold a Harvest celebration in the school hall.  The other assemblies and events for parents will be as follows:

Term 2 (13th December) - Christmas Service at Publow church

Term 3 (3rd February) - Kingfisher class assembly

Term 4 - Dragonfly class assembly

Term 5 - Otter class assembly

Term 6 - Year 6 play

Finally, I would like to thank parents for their positive feedback on the ClassDojo app that we have introduced.  This is proving very popular so if you haven't yet got your log-in details you may want to collect them from the office this week.  The app is helping us to deliver on our promise of developing communication with you. Although we are not yet asking class teachers to spend time replying to messages on ClassDojo, you can message me through it with any ideas or suggestions that you have for the school.  We also now have a more traditional suggestion box situated just outside the office, so please feel free to use that too.

Have a good weekend!

Mr Barton