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“Pupils feel safe
at school and are kind
to one another. They like
being at school and appreciate
the many experiences
they have.” - Ofsted
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Newsletter 24th March Issue 25

We are proud to say...

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly are:  Preston and Arthur
  • Stars of the week in Otter are:  Alfie H and Lola
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher are:  The whole class!
  • Headteacher awards - for being so fantastic during our inspection!  

    Billy, Joshua, Leonardo, George, Charlie, Beau, Jack, Alfie, Bonnie, Liam

    Lilou, Maya, Max, Macie, Arthur, Darsh, Anna, Charlotte, Bella, Preston, Jessica

    Alfie, Colby, Lucas, Oscar

    Zara, Jack, Loris, Lucy, Nathanael, Francesca, Freya, Alfie, Owen, Harry, Tilda, Jake, Theo, Sonny

    Cordy, Alfie, Orla, William, Max, Lola, Jessica, Maggie, Brandon-Lee, Rory, Oakley, Edie, Emma

    Amelia, Chloe, Charlie, Lilly, Charlie, John, Peter, Ella-Mae, Ellis, Devon, Charlie, Amore, Genevieve, Daisy

    Jessica, Niall, Victoria, Georgina, Diesel, Che, Veer, Ronnie, Harley, Anna, Abigael

(Yes - that's everyone!)

  • Best Class Attendance: Otter (99.2%)

 A message from Mr Barton

Well as always it's been a very eventful week!  Ofsted must have heard about Mrs Cook's delicious lunches because they phoned just in time for our Mothers' Day treat.  Mrs Millican has kindly described this for me (below) because much of my time has been tied up with the inspector, Debbie Marklove, over the last couple of days.  My message this week, though, is a particular pleasure to write:

I have been so taken aback by the flood of good wishes from parents, volunteers and other members of the school community since the news of our inspection came in.  Miss Bishop even heard the news on the grapevine and sent us a good luck message!  The parent response that you gave through the Parent View questionnaire was staggeringly positive and played a very significant part in the inspection.  Mrs Marklove was also extremely impressed with the pupils.  As always, they were very well-behaved, courteous, hardworking and independent. In fact, Mrs Marklove told me that she could see so very clearly how the school is a real part of the community. She was also very impressed by all our staff, particularly of course the teachers and teaching assistants.

Frustratingly, the actual grades from the inspection will not be finalised in her report until it comes out after Easter.  However, I can say that we had very pleasing feedback throughout and the positive changes that began some time ago have certainly made a real difference.  So I would like to say a whole-hearted thank-you to all our parents, carers and children for what you have contributed to the school over the last week (and indeed since your children began here).

For once, when I say 'have a restful weekend', I am sure that the teachers reading this will feel that they can too!

Mr Barton 

Mothers Day Lunch

We had a very busy lunchtime this Wednesday when our female parents and carers came into school to have lunch with their children.  A lovely menu of roast pork, veggie cottage pie or jacket potato were on offer to those attending and it was obvious that the children really enjoyed the event.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Cook and Mrs James for the lovely meal and also to the lunch time supervisors who ensured the event went without a hitch.  





When Mr Barton arrived later than usual this morning wearing pyjamas, some may have worried whether this had anything to do with the Ofsted inspection.  We can reassure you, though, that it was completely due to the colour red: Red Nose Day, of course, and the colour of Mr Barton's pyjama's and his son's spots (as he is currently suffering from chicken pox). Once childcare had been arranged and Mr Barton arrived at breaktime, he felt at home amongst the sea of red, and a fun day has been had by all.  Thank-you for all your contributions for Comic Relief.  We have raised £90.03 so far, plus £80 from the red noses and we still have the cake sale to come! Thank-you for your generosity towards this worthy cause.

Somehow this picture slipped past Mr Barton's editorial oversight of the newsletter!

Key Stage 1 visit the Apple Store

Mrs Rawlinson came back with lots of good news about the trip she took the Year 1 and Year 2 children on this morning.  She says...

"The children were amazing ambassadors  for the school on this trip. They were well behaved and keen to take part in what was on offer. They have made some great animation video which included Red Nose Day monsters that they designed themselves on iPads. We hope they will be able to bring home on USB bracelets very soon."

We are very grateful to Jo Barnes, parent governor, for accompanying the children along with Mrs Rawlinson and Miss Gifford.

Parent Council

We held our termly meeting last Wednesday, 15th March.  We are sorry to report that Mrs Charlotte Tremlett is not able to continue on the Council due to other commitments.  We would like to thank her for all the excellent work she has done reporting parent views to the headteachers (past and present) through the Council.

We are now inviting parents of children in Kingfisher Class to become members.  The time commitment is just one half-hour meeting per term, though it will be greatly beneficial if you are regularly in the playground at the beginning and/or end of the day so that other parents can approach you if they need to.  Please do let Mr Barton know if you would like to join the Parent Council.

Meanwhile, you can find the minutes of the last meeting here (and under the 'Parents' tab above). 

Easter School Meal

The children will be able to have a tasty Easter meal on Wednesday 5 April which will be freshly made by our very own Mrs Cook and Mrs James.  The menu for the day will be:

Roast Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy or Homity Pie

with roast/boiled potatoes with a selection of Spring vegetables

Easter Biscuit or Chocolate Cake

Bread, Fruit and Yoghurt will also be available.