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Newsletter 25th September - Issue 4

Dear Parents and Carers

Fridays are ‘Open Door Fridays’, where children will be happy to share what they have been learning with you. Please do come into the class, after school today (and after school any Friday) to celebrate and praise you children’s achievements.

We are proud to say that our …

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly class are: Jack & All of Reception Class Children
  • Stars of the week in Otter class are: Maggie & Oakley
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher class are: Niall & Conor
  • Head teacher’s award/Team point winners are: Sonny, Oakley & Harley R

Thank you to Tracey King who donated a lovely Christmas tree for us to use at the beginning of September.


All parents and carers are invited to the PSA AGM on Thursday 1 October at 3.30 pm. We need to elect a new committee to steer the fundraising activities for the next academic year and ask that anybody who is interested to please come along to the meeting.

Census Day 1 October 2015—Universal Infant Free School Meals

It is that time of year again when the Department of Education ascertain how many children in KS1 are having Universal Free School Meals and calculate the funding given to schools. In order for our school to maximise on this, we would be really grateful if 100% of our KS1 children elected to have a school meal this coming Thursday. The menu for this day is Organic Beef or Vegetarian Burger in a Bun, Mediterranean Cous Cous, Relish, Apple Brownie with Custard. Milk/bread/fresh fruit /salad & yoghurt also available.

Collecting children

Your children are very important to us and at going home time we need to know they are going home with the right people. So we need to know who will be collecting them but also, if, for example your child usually stays for After School Club and on the odd occasion you come to get him or her, please let the class teacher know you are taking him.

Please phone the office to say if a child is going home with someone else who does not normally collect them.

Speaking to teachers in the morning

Teachers are very happy to speak to parents in the mornings before class starts but please do not simply walk into the classroom because this disrupts the ‘first-thing-in-the-morning routine’ each teacher has with their class. Alison or Sally will fetch the teacher out of class for you. Similarly, if you want to give your child an item, or their packed lunch—Alison or Sally will be very happy to get the item to your child. Alternatively, you can always make an appointment to speak privately or have a phone conversation with teachers after school and this can be done through the office.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend, Lorna McIsaac.

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