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Newsletter 5th May Issue 29

We are proud to say...

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly are:  Macie and Preston
  • Stars of the week in Otter are:  Mrs Mullen chose the netball team: William, Jessica L, Anna, Georgina, Millie, Chloe and Ronnie
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher are: Charlie B and Diesel
  • Headteacher awards:  Bonnie, Oakley and Ellis
  • Best Class Attendance: Otter (99.1%)
  • We also gave certificates today to every child who had 100% attendance last term

A message from Mr Barton

Many of you have been waiting for a long time to see a logo like this on our website!  For me, the wait has not been as long as it has been for many parents, members of staff, volunteers and other members of our school and village community.  Just before 11:30 this morning I finally received the phone call from Ofsted to say that our report is now final and can be shared.  Even now, though, you won't find it on the Ofsted website because it takes them another 5 days for them to publish it there.

Everything I hear about the Ofsted process and the experiences of other schools in recent inspections tells me that a grade of Good is a very significant achievement and one that has become increasingly difficult to get.  I am therefore extremely proud of the staff, pupils, governors and parents who have made this possible.  Well done and thank-you!

We know that even when this school had a rating of Requires Improvement there were still many good things going on here.  In recent times many of us would agree our experience of school life is at least good.  In fact, to be frank, when you read the report you may think that some of the praise and recognition of the improvement could have been a little more enthusiastic.  Indeed, the academic results over time have led to one aspect (what Ofsted call 'outcomes') still being rated 'RI'.  However the inspector was very clear in saying to me that the provision is now strong enough to lead to better results and that this is very likely to be just a matter of time.

For me, this significant and hard-earned achievement is a stepping stone on the route to 'Outstanding'. We have already started work on the rest of the journey and we know that our strong school community can take us there.

You can read the actual report here, ahead of its publication on the Ofsted website.

Enjoy your weekend knowing that it's official - our school is definitely in a Good place!

Mr Barton

The Pensford Fun Run - A Great Success!

Thank-you so much to all who attended and supported the Fun Run on Sunday.  There was a very good turnout and the PTA managed to raise £1150 for the school.  We are extremely grateful to everybody who played a part in this success, particularly Vic Spicer.  She has worked tirelessly over many weeks to bring this event together and deserves a great deal of thanks for the work that she and the team around her put in.

Congratulations too go to William and Anna, the first Pensford boy and girl respectively in the race.  We also gave certificates this morning to every Pensford child who participated, which meant that half the school were standing up at the front of the hall in assembly!

Netball Tournament

Some of you may have been in the hall for Dragonfly's class assembly last term.  One of the announcements Mr Barton made at the end was about the excellent attitude and hard work shown by the netball team despite them losing fairly heavily in their recent match.  At the time, Mr Barton explained that they would have other opportunities and the first of these came on Wednesday.  We are pleased to say that the team were equally well focused and this time their efforts were rewarded with a win against East Harptree (3-1). A big 'well done' to William, Georgina, Anna, Ronnie, Jess, Chloe & Millie.

Reception Sport

Following on from the Fun Run and the netball match, our third successful sporting event this week was when the Reception children visited Chew Valley School for their Sports and Dance event.  Mrs Rawlinson described it like this:

"I was so proud of the Reception children at the sport and dance event. The event included hula-hoop work, running, jumping, throwing and catching, before learning a short dance routine.  Every single child participated with zeal and behaved beautifully. Miss Cowin and I could not stop grinning at each other as we watched the children not only trying their best, but also supporting and encouraging each other - they were an amazing little team."

Sainsbury Vouchers

These really help to support the sporting success in the school.  If you have any Sainsbury Active Kids vouchers lurking in your pockets or bags, could you pop them into the School Office before we do our final count and send them off to Sainsbury in exchange for PE equipment. 

Film Club

Tickets cost £5 for the film on Thursday as usual (unless you have already paid for the term, of course).  This week's film will be: The Penguins of Madagascar.

Parent Council

This group had its termly meeting this week and the minutes will be published on our website soon.  Meanwhile, having not had any enquiries about the vacancy currently on the council, we would like to say that we have had a re-shuffle.  Tracey King will now be the representative for Kingfisher and Vic Spicer for Otter.  This means that the vacancy is now available for any Dragonfly parents.  This has also been announced on Facebook and anyone interested should contact Vic, Tracey or Jo Barnes (parent governor member).

Community News

A Garden Fete is to be held on Sunday 14 May between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm in Parsonage Farm, Publow, Pensford, BS39 4JD (the home of one of our governors, Dr Julie Parker).  This event is being held in aid of the renovation of Publow Church Bells and there will be many stalls to visit and enjoy.  Garden entrance is £3.50 per adult, children under 14 free.

Anyone for tennis? The tennis club in Pensford would like you to know that they are holding an Open Day on Sunday, 14th May as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend.  Equipment and advice will be freely available and this is a great opportunity for families to try out the sport and find out what the club has to offer.