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Newsletter 7th April Issue 27

We are proud to say...

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly are:  Bella and Oscar
  • Stars of the week in Otter are:  The whole class for their teamwork and positive attitude!
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher are:  Georgina and Ronnie
  • Headteacher awards:  Bella, Alfie H and Peter
  • Best Class Attendance: Dragonfly

A message from Mr Barton

So much has happened this term that to write a summary of it all would not be sensible as your minds are no doubt set on the holidays rather than on the last seven weeks.  In any case, all those who have been reading the newsletters on a weekly basis will already be fully aware of the many events that have taken place.

The word 'significant' certainly applies to this term, though.  For example, the verbal feedback we received from Ofsted, was certainly positive. We are still awaiting the written report which could potentially make an important and positive difference to the school's official status.  This should be published soon after the Easter break.

Today you will also have received some important news from the school governors about our partnership with other schools in the Chew Valley.  We are at a very exciting stage in the school's history as we move forward and I hope that you will take the time to read today's letter carefully.  Although the decision to move towards academy status and a local 'hub' of schools is the governors' and not mine, I want to say that they have worked with me on it and their decision is one that I support.  I am personally very excited about the potential for developing ever stronger ties with our local schools; this is sure to benefit the pupils and develop the already strong sense of community in our part of the world.  Any questions that you may have after reading the letter can be brought along to an evening with governors next term, on Thursday, 27th April at 6pm.

Enjoy reading the rest of the newsletter. I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Mr Barton

Fun Run - 30th April

We are very pleased to announce that Nigel Chambers, our Vice Chair of Governors, will be starting the Fun Run for us.  Children across the school are developing their enjoyment and participation levels in running as we draw closer to the event.  For example, Kingfisher class have been inspired by the visit three weeks ago from Brendan Rouse and have been developing their fitness by gradually increasing the length of time they can run without stopping.  Dragonfly children too have been developing their running as part of their PE lessons.

In the first week of next term, Mr Barton will be running with different year groups at lunchtimes so that every child will have the chance to experience completing the Fun Run distance of 2km.  In addition to the goody bags and medals children receive on the day, we will be awarding certificates to the winners in each year group for the Fun Run itself.  It is also open to runners who are not currently at the school so any cousins, friends or past pupils that you know are welcome to take part.  Parents can also run with younger children too of course.

Here is another reminder of the key information about the event:

Easter Lunch

Thank-you very much to Mrs Cook for another delicious roast dinner that she served for our Easter lunch.  As always, she worked very hard and we are proud of the attention to detail that she provides as she caters for individual children.  We are pleased that our take up of school meals was high again on the day as we know that it is only through your support that the viability of our own on-site kitchen can be maintained.  Thank-you to all parents and children who support this by regularly taking up the option of a school meal.

Mrs Cook in her element.  The Easter Tree was all her own work too!

House Frisbee Tournament

Other than on Sports Day itself, inter-house competition isn't something that has developed yet at Pensford. However, our co-PE Leaders Mrs Mullen and Mr Miller got together to organise a Frisbee tournament on Wednesday afternoon for Key Stage 2.  Children from across the four year groups teamed up with the other members of their houses.  On this sunny afternoon, it was lovely to see nearly 50 children all participating in this energetic sport and a lot of fun was had.  Cabot were overall winners as they managed to overcome Brunel in the final.  This was quite a feat, as Brunel had dominated the first stage.  Well done to every single Key Stage 2 child though, as we saw you all strive to do your very best for your team.

Mr Miller is already planning the next tournament, which will be a cricket one next term.

A Thank-You From Dragonfly

Dragonfly class have asked us to say a huge THANK-YOU to Granny Maureen for the work she has done with them this term.  Granny Maureen (George and Arthur's granny) has really helped the children to get their garden growing.  She and George have stayed behind after school and tidied up the plants, created some cane and string supports and all this is on top of supplying the seeds and lots of garden resources for the class. 

Forest School Consultation

Parents and carers will have received a text this week with a link to a one-question survey about how we can take forward our plan to offer a forest school session to every child every term.  Thank-you to those parents who have already responded.  The consultation is open until the end of the holiday.   If you haven't already, please take two minutes to add your contribution opinion here.  Apologies that the question wasn't completely clear that we are talking about £5 for one two-hour session and we are planning for this to take place once each term. The question has now been amended.

Lost property - is your uniform named?

Now that better weather is with us we are finding that increasing numbers of children are removing their jumpers and forgetting about them.  Quite a few un-named items of uniform are being found.  Please could parents make sure over the holiday that uniform is named?  Thank-you.