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Newsletter 7th October - Issue 05

We are proud to say...

  • Stars of the week in Dragonfly are: Lilou and Arthur
  • Stars of the week in Otter are: Rory and Freya
  • Stars of the week in Kingfisher are: Anna and Charlie L
  • Headteacher Awards: Lucas, Jake and Harley
  • Best Class Attendance: Otter


A message from Mr Barton:

Leadership at all levels is shining through very clearly at our school at the moment.  I am extremely privileged to be working with such a dedicated team of parents, staff, volunteers, governors and (of course!) children.  This week I would like to express my gratitude to all parents who supported our Open Day, either by helping to make the school look so good or by mentioning the day to friends and acquaintances who might be interested in joining Pensford next year.  While we only had a small number of visitors, those who came had already got some kind of connection with the school.  It is those connections, which our parents lead the way in building, that help our school community to grow.  We are always open to new visitors too.

I have also been hearing from all members of the teaching staff how well they feel communication is working between them as a team.  This is really helping us to provide our high quality education for your children.  Not only that, but I have been in contact with several governors this week and once again I am amazed at how generous these busy people are with their time.  In addition to the scheduled committee meetings, individual governors have found the time for two additional visits this week and a third is arranged for Monday.  This leadership team is key in evaluating how well we are doing as a school and they are really helping us to move forward.

A third layer of leadership within the school comes from the children themselves.  I am delighted to announce the names of our School Council for 2016-17 below, but first I would like to let you know a bit about how they were chosen.  Mrs Rawlinson leads the school council, and she and I decided that this year we would ensure that those who had already been members would step aside to give others a chance.  In Kingfisher, those children who wanted to join the Council wrote 'manifestos'.  These were read out anonymously to the class, who voted to determine the best candidates in Year 5 and Year 6.  In Otter, a secret ballot was held after children had spoken about what would make them good Councillors.  Year 2 is such a small cohort this year that the four have them have been divided into two pairs, who will take turns on the Council term by term.  This team will lead the way in helping to choose charities to support and in supporting our curriculum development.

We wish them all the best and I am sure they will do a wonderful job.  Have a brilliant weekend!

Our new councillors are: Lucas, Oscar, Alfie & Colby (Y2); Tilda and Alfie H (Y3); Jess and Alfie G (Y4); Genevieve and Daisy (Y5); Niall and Diesel (Y6).

Harvest Assembly

Please don't forget to bring in food for the Somer Valley Food Bank from Monday.  Details of what they want and don't want were in our newsletter two weeks ago.  To find them again, you can click here.  Parents are invited to our Friday assembly next week on the 14th Oct to join us in our celebration of Harvest.  We will be singing some songs for you and explaining this traditional festival.  The assembly will start at 9:05 and finish by about 9:30am.

CAKE SALE - A message from the PTA

The last day of term will soon be here - yippee!!!

The PTA are planning to host a cake sale on the last day of term at 3:15pm.  They will be grateful for any donations of homemade or shop bought cakes.  All proceeds will go to the PTA for a new gazebo (to be used at future events).  More information to follow but get your aprons out and ready.

Please note that Cordy Cox in Year 4 has also chosen to make some cakes in aid of Macmillan Nurses.  Please buy generously from her stall as well as from the PTA!


Transport working group - can you help?

As we are all too aware, access to and from Pensford Primary School has its challenges.  We are currently developing a transport plan to be sent to the local authority in order to push for improvements that will really help our children.  This requires setting up a working group comprised of anyone with an interest in the school.  If any parents, grandparents, friends or relatives are even remotely interested in joining this group then please do get in touch to find out more.

Your Child's Christmas Card Design

Your child has recently brought home an example of their Christmas Card design which can be printed onto Christmas cards, wrapping paper, thank you notes.  Can we ask that if you would like to make an order, can you please return the order form and payment to school by the end of Monday 10 October.

Year 1, 2 and 3 Nasal Flu Immunisation

Parents in Year 1, 2 and 3 are due to receive paperwork about the upcoming nasal flu immunisation for their children. Can we ask that if you wish for your child to receive this immunisation, we must receive the completed consent form back at the school before the drug can be administered by the School Nurse. The School Nurse has asked us to inform you that if your child is in Reception, Year 4, 5 or 6, then a flu immunisation will need to be administered at your GP.  Funding has only been received for immunisations to be given to children in Years 1, 2 and 3.