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Term 5 - Welcome to the new term

Week 1

Monday 20th April - Today's lesson.  Year 3 - worksheet 1 and worksheet 2.  Tuesday 21st April - Year 3 Today's lesson.

                                Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.


Here is the Year 3 link and Year 4 link if you need a reminder.  

For additional support, follow this link and work through this series of lessons as needed.  

Wednesday 22nd April - Today's lessonYear 3 worksheet. Year 4 worksheet.

Thursday 23rd April - Today's lessonYear 3 worksheetYear 4 worksheet.

Week 2

Monday 27th April - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheet.

                                Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.

Tuesday 28th April - Today's lesson. Here is a fraction wall for you to use if needed. Wednesday 29th April - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheet.

                                  Year 4 Today's lesson part 1 and part 2.  Year 4 worksheet.

Thursday 29th April - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheet.

                                  Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.

Week 3

Monday 4th May - Today's lesson.  Year 3 worksheet.  Year 4 worksheet.

Tuesday 5th May - Today's lesson.  Year 3 worksheet.  Year 4 worksheet.

Wednesday 6th May - Today's lesson.  Year 3 worksheet.  Year 4 worksheet.

Week 4

Monday 11th May - Today's lesson.  Year 3 worksheet.  Year 4 worksheet.  Please can you send this work to Mrs Mullen once completed.  Thanks!

Tuesday 12th May - Year 3 (and Year 4 bronze group) Today's lesson.  

Year 3 - Bronze and silver worksheet       Year 3 Gold and Year 4 Bronze worksheet.  

Tuesday 12th May - Year 4 (Silver and Gold group) Today's lesson.  Silver and Gold worksheet.

Wednesday 13th May - Year 3 Today's lesson. 

Year 3 - Bronze worksheet          silver worksheet            Gold worksheet

Year 4 - Today's lesson.

Bronze worksheet             Silver and Gold worksheet.

Week 5

Monday 18th May - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheet.

                              Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.

Tuesday 19th May - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheet.

                               Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.

Wednesday 20th May - Today's lesson and playing cards (if needed).


Hello grown-ups, just to make it clear that your child only needs to complete 1 English activity a day, either Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Your child should access the same level of activity that they do for maths - either Bronze, Silver or Gold.  If your child would like a challenge or they find an activity too hard they are welcome to try the level above or below.  If you are unsure which level your child should be working at please ask and we will advise you of this.

Week 1

Instructions - Session 1 (20.4.20)

Instructions - Session 2 (21.04.20)

Bronze worksheet         Silver worksheet         Gold worksheet

Instructions - Session 3 (22.04.20)

A mammoth task!

Instructions - Session 4 (23.04.20)

Mammoth equipment and prepositions

Week 2

Instructions - Session 5 (27.04.20)

Evaluating Instructional Texts - Resource

Instructions - Session 6 (28.04.20)

Planning sheet for instruction writing - Resource

Instructions - Session 7(29.04.20)

Instructions - Session 8 (30.04.20)

Writing Instructions Word Mat and Instruction Checklist - Resource

Week 3

VE Day (4.05.20

Pick and mix activities and resources - Resource

Web Links:


Homophones (5.05.20) - Before watching today's YouTube video, please watch and and

Now watch -


Homophones (6.05.20) -

Week 4

Describing a picture (1) (11.05.20 / 12.05.20) -

Web Link:


Describing a picture (2) (12.05.20) -


Past tense verbs and verb families (13.05.20) -

Web Link:

Verbs - Playground Fun - Resource

Past tense verbs - Party Time - Resource

Week 5

Before watching today's YouTube video, please watch

La Luna (1) (18.05.20) -

Questions about the film - Resource


Before watching today's YouTube video, please watch

La Luna (2) (19.05.20) -

Video links -

Pictures for writing speech - Resource 


La Luna (Day 3) (20.05.20)

Planning for writing La Luna - Resource

Video link - 

Science Sound

Week 1

Tuesday 21st April - In today's lesson we will find out that sounds are made when objects and materials vibrate.  Here is a great video showing how sound vibrations can create patterns.  Worksheet.

Week 2

Wednesday 29th April - In today's lesson  we will investigate whether sound can travel

through different mediums.   Worksheet.

Week 4

Wednesday 13th May - In today's lesson we will explore the relationship between distance and volume.  Worksheet.

History / Geography

Pensford - Past, present and future
Week 1

 Introduction to our new topic -

Week 2

Session 2 - The arrival of Stone Age Man

Week 5

 Session 3 - The Ice Age


RE How should we live and who can inspire us?
Week 4

Session 1 - What is a leader? -

ICT Research and Sources
Week 1 Thursday 30th April - Today's lesson - you will need a laptop, computer or tablet.  
Week 3 Wednesday 6th May - Today's lesson.
PSHE Excellence and Happiness
Week 2

Introductory video -

Web page:

Art / DT


Week 1

Stonehenge Artwork

Thursday 23rd April - Session 1

Week 3

Stonehenge Artwork 

Tuesday 5th MaySession 2

Week 5

Wednesday 20th May - Session 3

Salt dough recipe.  


For music this term, you will have access to a website we subscribe to at school called Charanga.  Charanga have set up a home learning platform called 'Yumu' and later today (20.04.20), through Dojo, you will be sent a username and password.  You can use the unit of learning in any way that you want to - there is a song to learn to sing, music to appraise, musical games to play as well as composition activities to complete.  Work through the unit at your own pace and repeat anything you particularly enjoy or find difficult.  The unit would run for the whole of Term 5, if we were at school, but please let us know if you need further musical activities.  To access the Yumu platform go to

Guided Reading
The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

Chapter 12 text and questions.

Special Events
Earth Day

Wednesday 22nd April is 'Earth Day.'  Find out more about the day and why it so important

VE Day See English Lesson (Week 3 - 4.05.20)


Term 4


 Monday 23rd March - Whilst we are creating our youtube videos, here are some short multiplication questions to do in the meantime.  Click here.

Tuesday 24th March - Please watch this clip first -  Today's lesson - click here.

Wednesday 25th March - Year 3 lesson -  click here. Here is the work you need to complete Y3 Worksheet.                                                                     Year 4 -  click here.            

 Thursday 26th March - Year 3 Today's lesson and  worksheets.                                                                                                               Year 4 Today's lesson and your challenge.     

Monday 30th March - Today's  lesson.  Year 3 you will need to take care when using your data to create a pictogram, you will need to think carefully about how your key will work.                         

Tuesday 31st March - Year 3 Today's lesson.                                                                                                                                           Year 4 Today's  lesson and worksheets.           

Wednesday 1st April - Year 3 Today's lesson and worksheets.                                                                                                                Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheets.          

Thursday 2nd April - Year 3 Today's lesson.                                                                                                                                           Year 4 Today's lesson and worksheet.                   




 Wednesday 25th March - Today's lesson is about the jobs that different parts of a plant do - click here.

Wednesday 1st April - Today's lesson we will explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants.  Lesson and worksheet.


Thursday 2nd April - Today's lesson.  Here is the powerpoint in case you need to look at it again.  


Thursday 26th March - Set yourself a goal that you want to try and achieve while off from school - click here.


Monday 30th March - Vincent Van Gogh lesson.  Videos - Part 1part 2part 3 and part 4.

Friday 3rd April - part 1 and part 2.

Guided Reading

Chapter 10 text click here.