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PTA - meeting notes 3rd March 2016

Pensford School Parent Teacher Association (PSPTA)

Meeting 3rd March 2016 at The George and Dragon, Pensford

Attendees: Tracy Jones, Vic Spicer, Kirsty Wickenden, Sarah Curtis, Jo Barnes, Sheila Wilcox (Entertainments Manager from the Memorial Hall)

Apologies: Lisa Cains, Claire McQuillan & Sharon Bretton

Previous minutes agreed as correct

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Secretary: Jo Barnes to collate all minutes and agendas from any PSPTA meetings in a hard-copy form in a file
  • Charity Commission: Done
  • Bank Account: See points discussed below
  • Fundraising wishlist: Kirsty, Lisa and Tracey to set up meeting with Sharon Bishop (SB)
  • Nutty Noah: Done
  • Donate an Egg: See points discussed below

Items Discussed:

  • Memorial Hall

Sheila Wilcox, newly appointed Entertainments Manager from the Memorial Hall is trying to get local families more involved in the Hall again. Sheila and Steve have taken on the bar in the hall as licence holders and will run it for committee events. For other events, organisers can run their own bar and provide their own alcohol, or the Hall can run it if requested.

Discussed the possibility of running the summer fair again this year, in collaboration with the Memorial Hall. Sheila suggested 23rd July. She thought it could be a whole day event, with entertainment in the Hall in the evening, with the possibility of people camping out in the field.

ACTION: Tracey Jones – to look into football training being held on the field that weekend.

Sheila confirmed the following dates at the Hall: Easter family night: Friday 25th March (£5 per family) Halloween family night: Friday 28th October Christmas family night: Friday 16th December

  • Nutty Noah

£388.10 profit has been made from the Nutty Noah performance in February half-term. All attendees were in agreement that Lisa rebook him for 13th Feb 2017. Discussion was had as to whether he be booked for 2 shows, as tickets sold out so quickly for one performance. To be discussed with Lisa at a future meeting.

  • Donate an Egg

Fundraising idea suggested by Sharon Bishop. To take place after school on Thursday 24th March (last day of term).

ACTION: ask children to bring in an Easter egg by Monday 21st so they we can top up if necessary.

ACTION: Tracey to get advice from Sharon Bishop as to how to organise.

  • Bank account

Tracey has been looking into changing the bank account as we are currently with Lloyds and there isn't a local branch. Santander and Co-op offer banking via the Post Office. Santander allows 3 signatories and each signatory each has the right to sign a cheque. Co-op – we can decide how many signatories and how many we would need to sign a cheque. Agreed to go with Co-op and that we would require 2 signatories to sign a cheque.

ACTION: Kirsty – put in application to Co-op and close the Lloyds account.

  • Pensford 10k - Sunday 24th April 2016

Vic has done the poster, and an ad and article has been put in the Chew Valley Gazette. Vic has yet to get a list from Jess of raffle prize contacts. Vic has acquired a couple of costumes for the fun run. A posh coffee man has already been hired. The aim is to get the field more like a fun day.

ACTION: to look into whether we need any extra medals, tabards etc.

ACTION: to find 2 people to do registration. To speak to Helen who has done it previously.

ACTION: Vic to speak to KC printers about printing raffle tickets. These to be put intochildren's book bags.

ACTION: Vic to draw up rota for helpers on the day.

ACTION: Chairs and Tracey to ask SB at meeting if she will attend. Kirsty to get registration box from KC printers to get exact registration fee info.

  • Finances

As of 1/3/16 we have £2746.17, and of that we need to pay out:

£100 – for tea urn

£1200 - for class furniture

£365 – class spend

  • Fireworks Display

There have been lots of parents volunteering to help out following the facebook request for helpers. The School will run the evening with help from the PTA.

ACTION: To raise at meeting with Sharon Bishop

  • PSPTA poster

ACTION: Vic to update poster for the school to keep the school and parents informed with events and information relating to the PSPTA. To include thanks to Lisa for organising Nutty Noah and that we will be rebooking him for next year.

Next PSPTA Meeting – 8pm Thursday 14th April at the Rising Sun